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Hjerterom - Refugee aid

A large number of refugees are expected to Norway in 2022. Do you want to help? On this page you get an overview of how you can use FINN to contribute.

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Hjerterom - Refugee rental housing

The need for refugee housing will only increase in the time to come and the private rental market will play an important role. Hjerterom - Refugee rental housing makes it easier for private landlords, municipalities and refugees to connect.

Create a new Hjerterom ad under "Eiendom":

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Hjerterom - Torget

The refugees carry only utmost necessities when arriving Norway. Our aid organisations have the best overview over the need for clothing and other equipment the refugees might have right now. Hjerterom - Torget matches people's wish to give with the refugees' actual needs. Click the link to see the aid organisations specific needs and what you can contribute with at this moment.