Cozy new home for a loving couple and their adorable cat

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22 000 kr


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Bygdøy - Frogner
Gamle Oslo
Grünerløkka - Sofienberg
Sagene - Torshov
St.Hanshaugen - Ullevål
Uranienborg - Majorstuen


We are a couple seeking a peaceful, sunny apartment / house. Our ideal home would be a quiet and clean space where we can both work from home and find peace and rest. We are looking for a light and spacious place, ideally with plenty of natural light. Specifically, we need a minimum of 50 square meters with at least two rooms, and we would love to have windows facing south to maximize sunlight throughout the day. We love to cook, so well equipped kitchen space is a great value. As we don't own a car, good public transportation links to the rest of the city are essential for us. Additionally, having a terrace or/and a balcony is a must, as we greatly value having an outdoor space to relax and enjoy fresh air. Quiet and tranquility are our top priorities as we want to relax at home, and one of us works from home. We both hold full-time positions and view our home as a sanctuary where we can rest and recharge. We respect our neighbors and the surrounding environment, aiming to live in peace and harmony. We cherish our time in nature, enjoy outdoor activities, and appreciate the privacy of our space. Marla is 31 years old and studied anthropology in Poland before discovering her true passion in the culinary arts. With over 13 years of experience working in various kitchens across Europe, including the UK, Netherlands, and France, she is now a plant-based food enthusiast and passionate baker. Marla currently works for the Kaffebrenneriet chain in a production kitchen, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations. In her spare time, she is dedicated to bodywork and somatic practices, deep ecology, exploring nature paths, and performative arts. Iku is 37 years old and has a rich background as a coffee specialist, having worked in a coffee roastery and as a barista. Their career highlights include becoming a judge at coffee competitions and publishing a bestselling book on coffee in Poland. Currently, Iku works full-time as a software developer for an IT company. In their free time, they enjoy connecting with nature through long forest walks, foraging, and gardening. Iku also has a passion for handicrafts, particularly woodworking and ceramics, which they find truly fulfilling. Missy is our 3-year-old cat who brings joy and warmth to our home. She loves lounging in the sun and spending as much time as possible on our laps. Missy is an indoor-only cat, very clean, and well-behaved; she doesn't damage anything. We are responsible, respectful, and committed to maintaining a peaceful and harmonious living environment. We believe in building positive relationships with our neighbors and taking good care of our home. We are excited about the possibility of making your property our new home and would be happy to provide references from previous landlords upon request. Maximum rent 22k, including electricity. Thank you for considering our application. We look forward to the possibility of calling your property our new home.


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Sist endret02. juni 2024 12:34

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