MSCA Fellow in Phase Change Materials and Rapid Urbanization

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MSCA Fellow in Phase Change Materials and Rapid Urbanization
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MSCA Fellow in Phase Change Materials and Rapid Urbanization 

Call for Expression of Interest for mutual application under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship scheme

We hereby invite for top-class researchers of any nationality (at any stage in their career) in the study of Phase Change Materials or Rapid Urbanization to apply for a EU-funded Marie Sklodowska Curie Action Individual Fellowship (MSCA-IF) to conduct research at OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University for a period of 1-2 years.

Areas of research

Preferred main research goals for candidate (one of two options): 

  1. Phase change materials (PCMs): Are  one of the key components for the development  of advanced sustainable solutions in renewable energy and engineering systems. However, often enhancement of the material properties of PCMs is essential with suitable materials, (e.g., nano-based PCMs) and PCMs are also contained in polymeric shells to avoid interactions with other constituents in engineered multi-materials (e.g. concrete composite with PCMs). Experiments are essential to measure the material properties and being utilized to make building level simulations for energy performance. The macroscopic properties of such advanced multi-materials are dictated by the microscopic heterogeneity associated with the randomness in micro-structures. Our research group at OsloMet is particularly interested in the application of PCMs in buildings, focusing on the energy performance aspects. In this collaboration, we intend to gain our understanding and explore about the micro-structural aspect to relate the macro-scale behavior at continuum level.  
  2. Rapid urbanization:  Contributes  to regiospecific microclimate which  affects  important  issues  related  to  building energy  performance,  thermal  comfort,  pedestrian comfort,  etc. Better  understanding  of  urban microclimate is essential  to  design  and  plan  modern  cities.  Engineers,  architects  and  urban  designers  can  gain  knowledge of microclimate at meteorological micro-scale to building scale from numerical prediction via computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools. However, more than 50% of the CFD studies available in the literature are not well validated. In this collaboration, we intend to do Large Eddy Simulation to expand the knowledge towards building and urban design guidelines.

The candidates should address questions such as: Candidates taking a global rather than a national view is especially welcomed.

 Successful candidates will be supervised by Associate Prof. Arnab Chaudhuri will be working as team member of the OsloMet research group of the Department of Civil Engineering and Energy Technology, “Innovation and Sustainability in Construction and Building Design” has two subgroups “Structural Analysis and Design” and “Energy design and climate adaptation of buildings”.

With this call for Expression of Interest, we invite researchers to submit their resumé in ERC format (including publication list) and a short project description, that will be the basis for selecting a maximum of three candidates with which we will collaborate in developing competitive MSCA-IF proposals. In this first phase, the cooperation will be carried out remotely, but with regular email and Skype communication, and one physical meeting, if convenient. If applicants are successful, the place of work will be at the main campus in the center of Oslo.

Starting Date

The EU informs the results on the MSCA-IF applications in January/February 2020. Successful candidate(s) are expected to be available to start within the following 2 months. The candidates must be assessed as in principle eligible for a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship.

Main duties of the position

The successful candidate will primarily work on the Marie Curie funded project, but will be integrated at the in Innovation and Sustainability in Construction and Building Design general, by taking part in regular meetings and discussion groups, but will specifically be introduced with Arnab Chaudhuri national and international network. If agreed with the candidate, he/she may also be included in other ongoing projects or in proposal processes. 

We are looking for applicants who have a minimum have a PhD in the areas of Multiscale modelling, modeling composite materials, CFD, computational chemistry, High order numerical scheme, Building  physics,  Turbulence,  Atmospheric  boundary  Layer,  Atmospheric  flow,  Wind  engineering,  Turbulence modeling (RANS Simulation/Large Eddy Simulation/Direct Numerical Simulation)

Candidate should have strong background with fundamental knowledge of  computational  methods,  computer  programing  (FORTRAN/C++/Python),  UNIX,  experience  with  parallel programming (MPI/OpenMP)

Knowledge of: 

Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulation tools (LAMMPS): Essential/Preferred

Open source CFD tools (e.g. OpenFOAM, CAST3M, FreeFEM++, Gerris, Overture etc.)


Commercial CFD tools (e.g. StarCCM+/COMSOL) is advantageous.

Keywords: Multiscale modelling, MD, Phase change material, Micro/Nano Fluidics, CFD, LES, DNS, High-order numerical  scheme,  HPC,  Turbulence,  Fluid  Engineering,  Thermal  engineering,  HVAC,  Zero  energy  buildings, Building Physics, Sustainability, Energy

Research Experience: 

  • Good individual scientific research capabilities; 
  • Preferably already the first author of several scientific journal research papers;

Language skills: English 

We are looking for applicants who have

  • An excellent track record in research, necessary for being able to develop a competitive Marie Curie Fellowship application
  • An open and cooperation oriented nature, but with strong abilities for independent academic work

It is important for OsloMet to reflect the population of our region, and all qualified candidates are welcome to apply. We make active efforts to further develop as an inclusive workplace and to adapt the workplace if required. 

Evaluation Committee

Interested candidates should upload their resume and a 1 page note describing the project for which a Marie Curie grant will be applied.

Proposals will be pre-selected based on internal evaluation and the availability of suitable supervision. Candidates will be informed of the results of the pre-selection by March 8th, 2019.

Selected candidates may be invited to Master classes to meet the supervisor and visit the research environment at OsloMet to further develop the proposal organised by OsloMet 29.04 -30.04.2019.

The candidate(s) selected to proceed with a full Marie Curie Application will be supported by the OsloMet EU team and the leader of the research group. Deadline for submission of Application is September 11th, 2019. 

Originals must be presented if you are invited for an interview. OsloMet performs document inspections in order to give you as a candidate a proper evaluation and ensure fair competition.

We can offer you

Initially, we offer assistance in developing competitive Marie Curie Individual Fellowship proposals. For successful applicants to the Marie Curie program, we offer; 

  • An exciting job opportunity at Norway’s third largest and most urban universityFlexible working conditions
  • An inclusive and friendly work environment
  • Unique academic network the possibility for the right candidate(s) to pursue his/her academic goals under the Associate Professor Arnab Chaudhuri 
  • Free Norwegian language classes for both staff and partners
  • Several staff sports and cultural benefits
  • Location in the center of Oslo
  • Onboarding assistance and other services

OsloMet has implemented the Charter & Code for researchers and been granted HR Excellence in Research the by the EU Commission. 

The Euraxess Norway and OsloMet’s International Career Site gives information on living and working in Oslo.

Other information

If you would like more information about the positon, feel free to contact:

  • Pavan K Sriram, Senior Adviser, R&D Department, pavan.sriram@oslomet.no, phone +47 4767235599
  • Arnab Chaudhuri, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department, arnab.chaudhuri@oslomet.no, Phone +4767235315


The competitive fellowship opportunities are 100% funded and include living and mobility allowances.

If you wish to apply for the position, please apply electronically by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Deadline for applications: March 7th, 2019

Ref.:                            19/02002

OsloMet has implemented the Charter & Code and been certified by the EU Commission with HR Excellence in Research (HRS4R) and is part of the EU network for mobility of Researchers Euraxess.

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