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Tech Lunch(es) Cloud Migration

For all our developers, friends, leaders, product folks, tech people - we have a gift for you; Cloud migration digital tech lunch(es)!

Publisert 16. desember 2020 kl. 12.28

Earlier this autumn's developer team managed to migrate FINNs production environment to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). As one of philosophies we believe in sharing and would like to share three different perspectives of the process in digital events with you. (we call it "tech lunch")

We have saved them all for you to watch at anytime (and how many times you want) 😄


Tech lunch #1 How did we manage to get everyone onboard to migrate to the cloud?

Tech lunch #2: Making tough decisions fast: How planned and prepared for migrating production infrastructure to the cloud in two months

Tech lunch #3:  How moved 800 microservices to the cloud in 5 hours