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Digitale faglunsjer med FINN.no

Siden februar 2021 har vi arrangert fire ulike digitale tech lunsjer og en digital ux-lunsj 🖥💙 Nå har vi samlet opp alle opptakene for deg her, sånn at du enten kan se de for første gang, eller kanskje til og med se de på nytt? Nyt sommeren med is, sol og faglunsj på stranden☀️

Publisert 8. juli 2021 kl. 15.57

Digital Tech Lunch for Studenter med FINN.no og TietoEvry, 10 februar 2021 - Go: The language of the cloud

Websites. Databases. Cloud microservices. Command line tools. All of the above are being created using the Go programming language. This open source language originally released by Google has taken the open source world by storm over the past ten years. From the tiniest throw away script to the largest and most popular container orchestrator on the market, Kubernetes, Go satisfies the needs of almost any development need. By prioritizing simplicity, fast compilation and a feature rich standard library, projects written in Go are able to deliver value over time with low maintainance costs and a low level of dependance on imported libraries. It's stable, slow to change and easy to get started with. Come and find out why Go made Stack Overflow's top 5 most loved programming languages (spoiler: Java and Javascript didn't make the cut), and how Go can help you in your next project.

Digital Tech Lunch 17 mars 2021 - Micro Frontends at FINN.no

Trygve Lie and Richard Walker from Finn's frontend platform team will dive into the company's move from having a frontend built as one large monolith into a frontend composed of a plethora of small running micro frontend services.

They will talk through the transition, the challenges overcome, the gains achieved, and the technologies used that have made this approach possible.

Digital Tech Lunsj 28 april 2021 - Stream processing applications made effortless with ksqlDB

Building real-time event stream processing applications is often complex and consists of many moving parts. Haimanot Tekie and Dave Greig will introduce the core concepts of event-streaming and how one might use open-source technology 'ksqDB’ to effortlessly create real time event streaming apps.

Digital UX Lunsj 5 mai 2021 - Brukerreisen har blitt voksen

Vi har samlet noen kloke hoder for å utforske hvordan noen av de beste jobber med brukerreiser i dag. Dagne Vaa (NAV), Therese Aaland (Halogen), Ragnhild Mjønner (FINN.no), Marit Helgesen (Vipps). Burde vi ha et malverk? Kan det brukes til organisasjonsendring? Hvordan ha oversikt over alle brukerreisene?

Vi starter med korte innlegg fra alle disse flotte folka, før vi har satt av tid til en lavterskel preik og litt nerding og graving i temaet.

Digital Tech Lunsj 16 juni 2021 - Switching to pure functional programming

The AdView team at FINN.no has used Haskell as their primary language for their backend services in the last years. What does a transition from an object-oriented and somewhat functional programming style look like? In this talk Sjur Millidahl, developer @ FINN, would give you a brief rundown of our motivation, experiences and obstacles faced.