Macro Offshore is looking for a Technical Assistant - TASS

Macro Offshore Crew AS

The TASS position requires a hands-on mindset with focus on driving the day-to-day operation and projects onboard.

 The Technical Assistant reports to the Technical Section Leader.

 Job description:

  • Supervise engineering work and act as team lead for the technical department.
  • Ensure the safe and efficient functioning of all aspects of the engineering department, including administration of the department on a day-to-day basis, testing and maintenance of emergency plant/equipment and supervision of all machinery maintenance and repairs. 
  • Optimise engineering crew deployment.
  • Ensure preparation and subsequent signing off all permits within the area of responsibility.
  • Ensure that all received spare parts are checked, stored correctly, and are maintained in good condition.
  • Ensure that stock records are kept up to date. Monitor stock levels to ensure efficient and economical usage and that sufficient spare parts are maintained on board.
  • Ensure that planned maintenance system operates and keep records up to date.
  • Ensure overlap/handovers between day and night shifts are carried out.
  • Ensure work tasks are properly planned. Supervise and monitor work execution in field.
  • Contribute for good and positive cooperation, as well as smooth coordination across the various departments on board the rig, client and onshore.



  • 3 + years’ experience from Jack-Up/Offshore installation rigs in similar position
  • Experience from Norwegian Continental shelf and its regulations
  • Track record of good results as Team Lead in Technical Department
  • Advanced safety training STCW (IMO 80), INCL HUET/ CA-EBS
  • Engineer Officer Chief Coc. Class 1 
  • Health certificate for offshore/ Seafarer    


Personal Skills:

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent administration/time management skills             
  • Act as an ambassador to Macro Offshore core values

Om arbeidsgiveren

Macro Offshore is currently operating two Accommodation Units on Danish Sector.
Macro owns one accommodation rig – Crossway Eagle, and does technical and commercial management of Haven, which is owned by Jacktel AS.

Haven will return to NO sector summer of 2024 to commence contract with Equinor, fall of 2024.

At Macro we prioritise providing a safe and positive working environment for our personnel. We value open and honest communication and regularly solicit feedback from both crews and managers.
We believe that the right attitude and mindset can overcome any challenge. As part of our commitment to fostering strong teams, we invest in leadership development, recognising that visible and effective leaders are essential to our success.

We look forward receiving your application for the vacant position!

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