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Short description of the job: 

We are looking for a motivated and experienced leader for our Backend Team. As Team Lead, you are responsible for the team's daily management, progress, practices, and standards; you are collaborative and motivational; and you bring the necessary management, coaching, and/or leadership skills.

You also need to be confident in backend development and should be able to take ownership of the software and drive projects. Some of the other tasks/responsibilities as Team Lead will be: 

  • Creating software architecture for new applications, and contributing to refactoring strategies of legacy applications
  • Providing technical input on backend development for specifications of new projects
  • Code reviewing and mentoring 
  • Managing progress and quality of work
  • Contributing to developing the company strategy
  • Contributing to recruitment and onboarding processes
  • Managing a budget

The Backend Team: 

  • Currently consists of the Team Lead and 7 members, some of whom are currently working part-time (full-time students). The team members are a combination of junior and senior Developers, and one Software tester.
  • Does much of the heavy lifting, in terms of advanced algorithms, working on big sets of data, etc.
  • Maintains the technology behind most of the company's internal, custom-built databases.
  • Develops the backend functions to access this data, and makes it available for the frontend/design teams.

If this looks interesting, and if you thrive in a collaborative, friendly, and international workplace, this job could be for you!


  • Leadership/management experience or training
  • Good knowledge in programming languages such as PHP, Java, C#, Rust, or any other object-oriented language
  • Knowledge of Software Testing in terms of Unit Testing, Test-Driven Development and Behavioral Testing
  • Knowledge of modern software development methodology (SOLID, Clean Code, Design Patterns)


  • You have experience in coaching and personal development.
  • You have created software applications from scratch, and you can give a detailed explanation of the processes, decisions, and results of the solutions.
  • You can be the person in charge of driving the backend part of cross-team projects, as well as leading pure backend-related projects.

It would be very beneficial if you are familiar with:

  • Developing or consuming web API services
  • Rust, C, Python, Perl
  • Modern PHP development
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL databases
  • Messaging software like Beanstalkd, Kafka, ActiveMQ, etc.
  • Apache web server, .htaccess, etc.

Who are you?

We collaborate across teams, so it is important you are pragmatic and a good team player, as well as good at keeping your code clean and making it easily accessible for others. You will benefit from having a mathematical mindset and from being good at considering the little details in the larger picture of software applications (and vice versa). You are comfortable presenting/showcasing solutions to other team members, you are patient and understanding toward your colleagues, and you are comfortable with writing and speaking English (our work language). In addition, you are systematic, methodical, and structured. 

We offer:

  • An inclusive, informal, and international work environment 
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from home options
  • Competitive salary
  • Modern office
  • A social work environment
  • Pension and health insurance
  • HjemJobbHjem travel card deal

Om arbeidsgiveren

Time and Date AS is based in Stavanger, Norway. We are a small, but fast-growing, multicultural, and international company consisting of programmers, designers, journalists, and administrative staff from several different countries, and we continue to grow despite the current Covid situation. Together, we create and maintain timeanddate.com, timeanddate.de, and timeanddate.no.
With 1-2 million daily users, timeanddate.com is the world's top-ranking website for time and time zones. Our mission is to provide free online services our users can rely on. We also offer API Services, primarily for business customers, that enable access to our algorithms and databases. For more information, please have a look here: https://www.timeanddate.com/company/

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