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Project manager responsibilities:

In addition to the items listed below it is expected of a Project Manager in Saunders Architecture to largely form their own workday and perform any and all necessary tasks that naturally befalls such a role. The large lines within this role are (note that this list is not exhaustive): 

  • Lead the design team & coordinate all external consultants.
  • Move projects forward in accordance with our goals and the goals of our clients. 
  • Monitor and modify the project time schedule as required.
  • Review the progress of work, deliverables of the consultant's work.
  • Create and nurture relationships in all phases with existing and future clients and collaborators. 
  • Responsible for all client inquiries throughout the projects
  • Responsible for project planning and progress 


As a Project Manager at Saunders Architecture you will be responsible for projects, clients, team members and other collaborators. We therefore look for someone with the following qualifications. Note that some of the formal requirements may be replaced with relevant experience:

  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience from similar position
  • Bachelor's degree in architecture or experience in the field of architecture
  • Minimum 1 year of relevant education in economy and or business, or relevant experience thereof
  • Great communications skills, both oral and written, in English. Norwegian is also an advantage. 
  • Minimum 3 years' experience in managing small and/or medium sized teams of creative people
  • Generally good computer skills 

Include the following in your application:

  • CV
  • Letter of application (motivation letter). Maximum one page. 
  • List of relevant/known project you have managed/ portfolio

What we can offer:

An exciting leadership position in a growing company. With us, you will have challenging and varied work tasks in an exciting environment with committed, curious and competent colleagues. The position will involve a great deal of flexibility and the opportunity to design your own workday, with all the responsibilities it entails. Are you ready for the next step?


This position is generally only available to applicants based in Norway. We will however also accept applicants from other countries but will require these applicants to be open to traveling to Bergen, Norway minimum 4-6 times per year as well as aligning their working day to Norwegian time zone. 

Om arbeidsgiveren

Saunders Architecture is an award winning international architectural firm. We are now looking for a determined and committed person to lead our design projects. This position has an enormous amount of freedom for a responsible and ambitious leader. You will lead a small team of creative architects working in Norway, Europe and US.

Saunders Architecture is based in Bergen, Norway. Todd Saunders is one of the most important contemporary Canadian architects working internationally. Saunders, who has lived and worked in Bergen, Norway for the past twenty-five years, has executed projects in Canada, Norway, the USA, Sweden and Finland, creating simple yet powerful architecture with a strong sense of northern identity informed by the natural landscape. Today, Saunders combines teaching with practice. His current focus is on architecture and art projects that seek to instigate change and give back to local communities.

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