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Attent AS
A bold statement, but we are confident this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
The patented Attent device will revolutionize diagnosing within the dental industry. Attent has over the last three years developed the most groundbreaking and innovative device the dental industry has seen in decades. We will make it possible for everyone to scan and diagnose their own teeth for cavities in just 1-2 minutes – wherever and whenever. The device does the same examination as a dentist in less than 2 minutes. The device scans your teeth with a simple swipe and then inputs data about your dental health information directly into your Attent App. It has built inn AI which gives you a 98% accurate representation which is highly detailed compared to the 94% accuracy from an X-ray scan at your local dentist.  
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Article in Teknisk Ukeblad 25.3.2021:

It's a brilliant product because;
  • You know exactly when to visit the dentist, rather than visit once a year for a check up. By giving the user the possibility to diagnose their own dental health from home Attent will improve dental health for consumers and save them time and money.
  • People who suffer from fear of dental treatment can easily monitor their own health at home and only visit the dentist when they need to. 
  • The local dentist can provide dentist-as-a-service giving you push notifications, advice and schedule visits based on the reports from your data
  • It can reduce the cost for dental insurance companies by enabling early detection and early treatments – which can have a huge impact on the insurance industry in countries such as the US. 
The market
Our customers are multinational dental chains, insurance companies, and consumers. For end consumers the device will be very affordable. It will also provide a monthly subscription to dentist as a service.  A conservative projected income for 2021-2023 is estimated to be approx. 300 million USD. There are no competitors or pending patents similar to ours and we will therefore move FAST.

The Team
A very competent and cross-disciplinary team is working on this, with expertise ranging from dental health care, IoT-development, product design, data science, SaaS business development and user experience. You will work closely with our CEO, R&D Manager, and CFO, as well as our interim CTO hired from Devies in a short transition phase. We are also hiring candidates to the following roles; Customer Success Manager, Sales Manager, Quality Manager, Industrial designers, Customer Service Manager – read more here: https://www.finn.no/job/fulltime/search.html?abTestKey=control&q=attent&sort=RELEVANCE

This is an exciting opportunity to work as part of an ambitious and growing team. As our CTO you will have a unique opportunity to participate, shape and make your mark in building a company from early stage to international growth and success. You will work with a multidisciplinary team involving mechatronics, artificial intelligence (AI) and software development. Our team is based in Bergen, and Kristiansand at the moment, but we’re hiring the best talent wherever they may live. Remote working is possible.  
The device and the app is in its final testing phase before launch. Your main focus will be everything tech, especially what happens in the customer journey after the device scan, meaning app and web technologies and ecommerce. You will be responsible for managing the development of our web/app solutions and make it scalable and ready for the market. This involves shaping the product in close dialog with potential customers. In addition to the product and service as is, we will introduce several new functionalities. It also involves managing partners and setting clear goals with milestones. If you are interested in mechatronics you will of course be heavily involved in this part of the production as well.  

The main tasks and challenges
  • Take charge as the technical project manager and manage our partners (EGGS, Emibida, Trollhetta, Shortcut, Turbo Tape Games, Transcendent Group, Devies, Wavelet, Xenit, New & Company)   
  • Coordinate and manage everything related to the app-, web and e-commerce  
  • Build new functionality and features
  • Ensure good market fit by understanding the customers (dentists, insurance, consumers, partners), and build a world class digital experience on the app and the web
  • Deliver solutions ready for the market with an ambitious timeline
  • Build and design a tech stack in close collaboration with our partners.
  • Be our digital strategist and at the same time manage tech and product details
  • Craft a data strategy to deliver valuable data for the industry and research (universities)
  • Full ownership of our technical infrastructure
  • Participate in the management team. The CTO will have an important voice in how to build the tech department, choosing partners and suppliers, building a solid business model and monetization   
  • In 2022 - build and manage the tech department

Our CTO will work in close collaboration with our vendors;
  • EGGS Design (the device and UX)
  • Embida (electric engineering)
  • Shortcut (app)
  • Trollhetta (AI)
  • Turbo Tape Games (gamification)
  • Transcendent Group (GDPR and cyber security)
  • Devies and Xenit (IT infrastructure)
  • Wavelet (camera and optics)
  • New & Company (strategy and operations)

What we are looking for in our CTO
  • An energetic senior developer/architect that is ready to move into a CTO role
  • A person that loves to dig deep into details and is not shy of coding when needed
  • A passion for all things tech
  • You enjoy to be part of inventing new products and services
  • Experienced in web- and app technologies and a solid understanding of ecommerce
  • Business savvy
  • Experience within the field of electronics, mechanics, or mechatronics is an advantage, but not a requirement as we have very skilled partners. Your main focus will be the digital experience after the dental swipe for the dentists, insurance, vets, consumers, and partners.
We offer
  • A competitive salary package
  • Stock options
  • A once in a decade opportunity
  • Become employee number 5 in a potential unicorn
  • Be a part of a born global company and scale internationally from day 1
  • Build an incredible and ground breaking product and services
  • Disrupt the customer journey for an entire industry, globally
  • High degree of flexible working hours, remote working is also possible
  • Build your own expertise in business development and disruptive innovation 
  • In a few years you will be able to tell a story that will make your children and future grandchildren proud
  • Work hands on with advanced mechatronics in the lab
  • Exposure and a broad network within venture capital and investors
  • Work in close partnership with some of the best vendors in their field and their all star team.
Office space
Vestre Strømkaien 7 in Bergen. You will share office floor with Cutters, imove, Tripod, WasteIQ, Quantfolio, New & Company. We are open to hire the best talent wherever they may live and work. Remote working is an option.   
Please don’t pass on this opportunity. If you have any questions, call our advisor at Bønes Virik Executive Search Andreas de Lange (90093829). All inquiries are handled confidentially. If this sounds interesting, we welcome your application via the link.
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E-commerce, App utvikling, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Digital strategi

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