Manager Strategic Support Unit

INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI)
Manager Strategic Support Unit

Would you like to add value to the strategic cycle of a dynamic and agile organisation? Would you like to contribute to maximising synergies, promoting high quality within and between departments, and support the IDI management team in its work? Would you like to help an organisation to become more gender-responsive?
We have an exciting vacancy, in the Strategic Support Unit (SSU) of IDI, where you will be able to contribute to these areas.
As Manager SSU you will support a dynamic SSU team, currently consisting of two Senior Managers. The Manager SSU will contribute to the following broad objectives of the Strategic Support Unit:

  • Add value to and support IDI delivery departments and IDI administration
  • Create value through synergies, shared services and improving strategic planning and performance
  • Add value to corporate governance and support functions
  • Lead or support stakeholder management to optimise support to SAIs
  • Serve as the focal point and support the implementation of IDI's gender strategy
  • Lead and coordinate IDI's emerging partnership with the IMF on audit of the use of emergency finance

    IDI is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to gender mainstreaming and achieving staff diversity. IDI does not tolerate sexual exploitation, abuse and any kind of harassment, including sexual harassment, and discrimination. Currently there are more men than women in comparable positions in the department and we would encourage women to apply. We encourage citizens of developing countries to apply, we also encourage persons with disabilities to apply.

Duties and responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities will be split among the SSU team depending on the respective competencies of team members.

  • Facilitate and draft IDI Strategic and Operational Plans
  • Facilitate and draft IDI Performance and Accountability Reports
  • Support IDI departments in performance reporting to donors
  • Design and manage external evaluations; support implementation of lesson learning across IDI
  • Support IDI Board meetings and IDI Director General through drafting and revising relevant corporate policies, strategic advice and his preparation and follow-up of IDI Board meetings
  • Support the IDI Management Team through preparing and following-up on management meetings
  • Support IDI departments, incl. support to the IDI Administrative Unit in their budgetary responsibilities
  • Contribute to SSU's role as gender focal point and support function for gender and inclusiveness. This includes the implementation of IDI's gender strategy and gender support and coordination across IDI
  • Contribute to securing funding and in-kind support for IDI
  • Maintain, manage and coordinate relations and dialogue with several stakeholders including funding partners.
  • Advocate for support to SAIs and promote IDI. This includes support to the implementation of IDI's communications and advocacy strategy


  • Educated to Master degree in a relevant area (Public Administration, Management, Public Economics or Finance, Social Sciences) and/or professional qualification level (essential)
  • Fluency in English, oral and written (essential),  proficiency in one of the INTOSAI languages: Arabic, French and/or Spanish (desirable)

Personal qualities

You are able to

  • Identify and evaluate strategic options and formulate strategic and operational plans (desirable)
  • Report and communicate results effectively to stakeholders at a strategic level, and meet other reporting requirements (essential)
  • Design and manage external evaluations (essential)
  • Review and add value to corporate governance systems appropriate to a small international organisation (desirable)
  • Lead/support preparation of funding proposals (desirable)
  • Contribute to IDI communications (essential)
  • Work with organisations, teams and individuals in a facilitative manner to support beneficial change (essential)
  • Build and maintain effective partnerships with stakeholders across the INTOSAI and Donor communities (desirable)
  • Undertake international travel if circumstances allow (essential)

    Your experience includes
  • Capacity development in developing countries (essential)
  • SAI capacity development (desirable)
  • Working with or within INTOSAI at a global level (desirable)
  • Corporate governance experience, including involvement in strategic and operational planning (essential)
  • Designing and managing evaluations (essential)
  • Risk management (desirable)
  • Understanding gender and inclusiveness issues in development (essential)
  • Working with development partners on SAI, Public Financial Management and/or Good Governance reforms in developing countries, from funding proposal through implementation to final reporting (essential)
  • Leading /contributing to stakeholder management activities (essential)
  • Working in a multi-cultural environment (desirable)

  • You like to work as part of a dynamic teams and to effectively communicate within and across organisations
  • You behave ethically in all situations
  • You are agile and resilient and can adapt quickly to emerging situations
  • You demonstrate emotional and cross-cultural intelligence and gender sensitive and inclusive behaviour

We can offer

  • An international and multi-cultural working environment
  • Offices in the centre of Oslo.  Remote working arrangements can be discussed (time zone must allow for effective working with Oslo based personnel)
  • A two-year fixed contract with the possibility of an extension
  • Salary according to agreement
  • For international recruits moving to Norway: paid housing and schooling of children
  • Six weeks vacation   


Om arbeidsgiveren

The INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) is an INTOSAI body, which supports more than 140 Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) in developing countries, in their efforts to sustainably enhance performance and capacities. The IDI provides this support by facilitating and coordinating effective SAI capacity development initiatives; developing and disseminating global public goods; strengthening regional bodies, networks and communities; and mobilising scaled up and more effective support to SAIs.


The Office of the Auditor General of Norway (OAGN) has hosted the IDI since 2001. The IDI is organised as a foundation according to Norwegian law. The organisation comprises the IDI Board, the IDI Secretariat and the INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat. The IDI is collocated with the OAGN in Oslo, Norway.

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