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Investor Relations and Portfolio Manager

Investor Relations and Portfolio Manager - Build a Better World with Katapult Group

The world’s environment was already in trouble, then came the global Covid-19 wake-up, on top of a derailed global political situation, and the “splinternet”. 

There has never been a greater need to build new sustainable and impactful solutions for the world. As Investor Relations and Portfolio Manager at Katapult Group, you will get a unique opportunity to contribute to a better world and build profitable, scalable businesses. 

Katapult Group

The Katapult Group represents a set of companies investing in and scaling impact- and sustainable solutions. Our mission is to mobilize capital, technology, and human resources to solve the world’s most pressing problems. We strongly believe exponential tech applied on the UNs SDGs - the fastest-growing emerging markets - will deliver superior returns. Both financial and positive impact.

In less than four years our core companies Katapult Accelerator and Katapult Ocean have raised 6 funds, run 10 accelerator programs, and co-invested in more than 80 impact tech-startups. In total, Katapult as a system has screened more than 10.000 startups from over 100 countries, and invested in more than 120 tech startups and 5 external impact tech funds. Katapult Future Fest has also established itself as a leading event globally at the intersection of exponential tech and impact investing. 

As the Katapult Group has grown, so too has our portfolio of investments and investors. We’re looking for a new team member to support these relationships and continue to give our portfolio companies the best support possible.  

The Role

As Investor Relations and Portfolio Manager at Katapult Group, you will be responsible for structuring the dialogue and relationship with our network of investors and impact tech-startups. 

The main task will be to systematize, curate, and build a global community of impact investors, portfolio companies, together with the investment managers of the Katapult Group companies. 

The position will also take part in and support our accelerator programs, new fund initiatives, strategic investments, and portfolio alumni activities - as well as new Katapult ventures. 

What we look for

A highly motivated and structured operational person able to build solid relationships with high-level investors, partners, executives, and founders of impact tech startups around the world.  

A professional mind seeking new steps and adventures in an already solid career, with clear values and a passion for impact investing, exponential tech, and entrepreneurship.

A great communicator with substantial and solid experience from working with investments, investors, tech -startups, sustainability, and a genuine drive to build a better world for all. 

What you get

The ability to work with a trailblazer group of investors and tech companies both inside and outside the Katapult system. 

Be part of an engaging and professional network of highly qualified mission-driven people who wants to make a difference in the world. 

The ability to boost the purpose of your life, contribute to a better world, and collect great stories to tell your grandchildren with pride.


All cultural backgrounds and letters in the gender-alphabet are encouraged to apply.

Apply if you believe you are qualified and the best candidate for this position, and aim to spend your time making a real difference.

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