Come join us in making mobile subscriptions more useful and relevant

Working Group Two
Chief Sales & Business Development Officer

We are on a mission to make mobile subscriptions much more useful and relevant by making mobile networks programmable for everyone. As our Chief Sales & BDM Officer you can be an integral part of making this happen. Would you like to join us?

Imagine being part of a company aiming to disrupt one of the world’s largest and most mature industries. Imagine being the ambassador for a product and service that people will depend on in the future. Imagine selling something that is making radical changes within the Telco industry. 

This could be you!

Let us tell you more about this position and opportunity

Today we are using agents as part of our sales strategy. Additionally, our CEO and CTO are heavily involved through the sales process and so far, this has worked. At the same time, we see the need for a Sales and BDM expert at executive level who can drive business development and sales processes and have overall commercial responsibility. This will be someone who can drive and manage complex sales processes, create best in class documentation and marketing materials and someone who understands what it takes to get customers on board.

As a part of the management team you will report directly to our CEO, Erlend Prestgard. In the long run you will have the opportunity to build your own team (1-2 years) but during the first year or so 80% of your responsibilities will involve being in dialogue with potential customers and the follow up of these customers. This includes discussions with customers in relation to the product as well as defining the customers’ needs. In many ways you will act as a sparring-partner and idea generator for the customer. In the long run we would also like for you to look at the option of setting up an infrastructure in relation to selling through partners.

Key overall responsibilities and objectives:

  • Ensure the commercial success of a platform we believe has great promise.
  • The two key aspects are to A) enter into customer dialogues with the intent to create new partnerships and B) Provide feedback in relation to information and insights from the market in order to help WG2 develop a successful roadmap.
  • Articulate, present and document WG2`s value proposition
  • Generate and handle leads through own efforts, sales agents or partner sales
  • Negotiate and drive discussions to a close
  • Develop a sales strategy 
  • Business modelling

Why is this such a unique opportunity for an executive?

We gave you a teaser of this in the introduction and we feel this really is a unique opportunity. WG2 have solid backing and funding while also having services and products that are relevant and futuristic. You will be selling something that is already gathering momentum and something that is making radical changes in the industry.

Other positives include:

  • Integral player in the management team.
  • Passionate colleagues with high competence (both technically and commercially).
  • Customers are already on board.
  • Be part of building / creating something within one of the worlds` largest industries.
  • Close nit distributed team and an environment that allows for social interaction and a lot of fun.
  • Excellent terms.
  • We are a start-up for grown ups
  • Quarterly off-site meetings for the whole company and 3 days of work and fun
  • City Centre offices @Mesh

Who are we looking for?

We need a person who is hungry for success with strong drive and resilience. We need an independent thinker that deeply understands customer needs and is able to adjust our offering and communication to the market. You must be motivated by working for a scale up company and understand what this entails. You should have a good understanding of technology and ideally have a technical background / education. Finally, you have many years of experience (8+) from selling technology products. Any telecom experience and network would be a great benefit. 

Other key experiences we are looking for include: A) Worked at management level B) Highly Competent in developing sales strategies and business models and C) Someone who thrives in creating modern sales processes.

Next step

We would like to make it as easy as possible to ensure that interested candidates are given a detailed insight as possible into the position, WG2 and the process. At this stage you have two options:

  1. You can apply for the position via the link above (At this stage we only require your CV) and we will issue a more detailed information document to all relevant candidates.
  2. You can contact our recruitment partner, Erik Falk Hansen, at AvantGarde Search. Erik has much more information he can send to you before you decide to apply, and all contact will of course be strictly confidential. efh@avantgardesearch.no or +47 40 43 54 93.

Once again, we would like to ask

Do you want to be part of the senior management team for a company aiming to disrupt the telecom industries and work for a company focusing on selling futuristic products? 

If the answer is yes, then we would love the opportunity to discuss this in more detail with you.

Welcome to WG2 - We are on a mission to make mobile subscriptions much more useful and relevant by making mobile networks programmable for everyone. Perhaps you are also on this mission?

Om arbeidsgiveren

Working Group Two (also known as “Working Group 2”, “wgtwo” and “wg2”) is working to make the mobile subscription much more useful and relevant than it is today. We are giving mobile operators the ability to work the “Internet way”. This includes promoting a platform logic, taking control of the technology, enabling rapid iterations and focusing on the end-user experience. Our strategy is to make the mobile core network programmable and accessible for third parties. At the heart of our effort is building a mobile core network, delivered as-a-service. We then enable this network to run across different radio networks. Finally, we expose core network functionality through APIs to third parties. The logic is not unlike that of operating systems in the smartphone world: A homogeneous software layer on top of heterogeneous hardware to enable a platform of innovative products and services. We have offices in Oslo, Stockholm and Trondheim. Working Group Two was spun off from the Telenor Group in October 2017.

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