Søker offshore-sykepleier i rotasjon 2/4

Adecco Helse AS

Adecco Helse are searching for offshore-nurses for job :


Deliver general and professional health care services offshore. The health care services include

  • Public health care
  • Medical Emergency preparedness
  • General preventive, medical and occupational health and working environment activities
  • Occupational medicine follow-up
  • Other administrative tasks



  • Perform public and general health care according to current instructions, and in accordance with recognized principles of treatment.
  • Perform emergency medical treatment in case of illness or injury, and facilitate medical evacuation if needed (MEDEVACs)
  • Participate in the maintaining and developing of MEDEVAC procedures, and emergency plans
  • Participate in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of emergency exercises
  • Organize and manage the emergency sickbay
  • Responsible for organizing and training of first responders/first-aid team on site
  • Monitor site hygiene and sanitary conditions (living quarters, toilets, kitchen, etc.)
  • Supervise and monitor the quality of drinking water and food hygiene, including taking and sending samples to an external laboratory according to procedure.
  • Assist the company doctor and lead the work offshore in matters concerning communicable disease preparedness,
  • Provide psychological support to personnel
  • Comply with regulatory recording  of all activities related to health counseling and treatment of patients, and reporting when required
  • Conduct administrative work in connection with the operation of the offshore hospital, including maintenance of medical equipment, the stock of medicines and consumables, handling of medical waste and the quality of laboratory tests
  • Participate in the education of personnel and monitoring of exposure to epidemiological, physical, and chemical risks, etc.
  • Be proactive and assist management and personnel on site with counseling, education and case management in health and working environment issues (including the presence of work, AKAN work, conflict resolution, etc.).
  • Prepare and perform risk-based and periodic medical examinations and health monitoring in cooperation with the onshore occupational health services when required
  • In cooperation with the company health services coordinate and assist platform-management and safety-organization with mapping, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of the facility's working environment.
  • Assist with an overview of the chemical store, make local risk assessments of products on board and ensure availability of relevant safety data sheets at all times  
  • Perform administrative work related to the logistic of personnel onboard and the helicopter transport
  • Perform safety inductions for new personnel
  • Be active in the environment and convey good HSE attitudes, including through implementation of safety reviews.
  • Participate in quality audits and internal verifications when required.
  • Counseling in connection with SJA (Safe Job Analysis) when needed
  • Support to management and personnel offshore in the case of incidents



Regular works offshore on in a rotational schedule with 2 weeks on (work offshore) and 4 weeks off



The purpose of this position is to ensure that the health service of the facility is perfomed in accordance with professional and etical standards, National regulations and company specific requirements. 




  • Nurse education with Norwegian approval   
  • Supplemental education within anaesthesia/ intensive/ prehospital or offshore nursing.  
  • Advanced Cardiac Pulmonary Rescue /”AHLR”- certification updated minimum every second year
  • Conducted 3-4 days training on Drinking-water-system applicable for offshore work


  • At least 5 years relevant practice as a nurse, of which at least 3 years offshore and 1 ½ years with acute- or emergency medicine.


  • Fluent in Norwegian and English

Period: 01.05.2017-30.12.2019


CV with application to :  helse.rekruttering@adecco.no


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