Are you our new Head of People (and master of organized chaos)?

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Are you our new Head of People (and master of organized chaos), looking to lead an epic and green food adventure? Look no further. 

 The new green routine is just beginning! Our first farm started operating in Moss at the end of 2021, and we plan to expand throughout the Nordics in the coming years. More specifically, with our vertical farms and controlled environment technology ONNA seeks to make a 3fold positive impact: 

1.     Efficient and clean production: By growing plants inside, in a fully controlled environment, we can optimize for the ideal combination of climate, lights, nutrition and water – without the use of pesticides or herbicides. We reduce the environmental burden of food production by not emitting or leaking CO?, and pesticides from our controlled facility.

2.     Local production: Our farms are stacked vertically, ensuring a much greater yield per area and the opportunity to produce food closer to urban centres. As a result, ONNA facilitates the consumption of locally produced, nutritious vegetables while simultaneously reducing emissions and food waste through the supply chain. 

3.     Enabling a greener diet: Our products are amazing, and we believe that by increasing the local supply of fresh and delicious greens, we can also play a role in encouraging and enabling a greener and healthier diet.  


The Head of People will play a critical role in managing and optimizing the day-to-day for ONNA’s team. You will be in charge of ONNA’s HR department, and also manage several of our administrative tasks. This role requires a very proactive individual with exceptional people, organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills. 

Job description:

ONNA is a startup, which means we operate with a slim team that juggles many tasks daily – also tasks outside our official roles or mandates. This also applies to the Head of People role. Your role covers a range of responsibilities, and you will be required to wear many hats daily. One moment you might be dealing with a complicated and challenging employee situation, the next moment you’ll be fixing someone’s Slack access and then you move on to controlling the monthly payroll data. If you’re someone who enjoys a hugely diverse set of tasks and challenges on a daily basis, then this role might be for you! 

Below you can find some additional details on your defined responsibilities:

Improving systems and routines

-              Improve HR systems and routines

-              Improve administrative systems and routines (lay the groundwork for this scope to be handed over to an administrative support role within approximately 12 months)

Recruiting, hiring, onboarding and offboarding:

-              Overseeing the entire recruitment process, which includes job posting, interviewing, hiring decisions, and onboarding new employees (including IT, hardware and software)

-              Working closely with ONNA’s Head of Operations to understand labor needs at the farm

-              Working closely with ONNA’s Senior Management team to understand hiring needs for; the broader organization

-              Offboarding (including IT, hardware and software)

Payroll and Admin: 

-              Manage monthly payroll and prepare payroll data

-              Enroll/disenroll employees/former employees in/from company benefits programs (such as insurance and pension) as well as other relevant platforms

-              Track sick leave and vacation 

-              Voucher reconciliation and attestation

Employee Relations: 

-              Managing the relationship between ONNA and ONNA’s employees to ensure a harmonious working environment

o   Includes addressing employee grievances, resolving conflicts, and continuing to build on the great organizational culture we have established

-              Being main liaison toward NHO and Arbinn, which supports us with the majority of employee related issues and conflicts 

-              Initiating and following up on all required communication and documentation with NAV (especially related to employee sick leave)

Compliance and Risk Management: 

-              Supporting ONNA’s Senior Management, Head of Operations and Verneombud with ensuring that the organization complies with all local, state, and federal laws related to employment, labor, and workplace safety

HR Policies and Procedures: 

-              Developing, updating, and enforcing HR policies and procedures that govern the organization's operations and employee behavior

o   This includes amongst others updating and managing employee handbooks, privacy policies, and disciplinary procedures

Data Management and technical support:

-              Coordinating hiring efforts using our ATS tool Teamtailor, and general management of the TeamTailor platform 

-              Maintaining employee records via ONNA’s HRM system

-              Drafting and updating employee contracts and agreements 

-              Go-to person for all system access and logins

-              Go-to person for technical issues related to systems logins, access etc. 

-              The point of contact with our tech support provider

Office management:

-              Managing office cleaning, supplies etc.

-              Administering the weekly lunch order and lunch rota

The location is Moss on a Full-Time permanent basis. You will report into the Head of Operations and ONNA’s CEO. 

We are looking for:

-              A generalist: Some experience in human resources or people operations is valued. That said, deep expertise of the HR field is not necessary for this role. Rather, generalist knowledge and a basic understating of the Working Environment Act and the Act relating to Holidays, will get you far – much of this role can be learned on the go, if you are a proactive problem solver who enjoys learning. 

-              Experience: We are looking for someone with a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, and at least 3 years of working experience in a relevant role 

-              Tech savvy: You have competence in the Microsoft suite, especially excel. You are comfortable navigating new and potentially unknown digital systems, tools and software (examples include Slack, TeamTailor, ONNA’s HRM platform, Arbinn and NAV). You have an instinct for diving into the “unknown” and digging around until you get your bearings, when you encounter such unknown systems

-              Communication skills: You have strong written and oral skills – both in Norwegian and English, and you are comfortable with managing conflicts

-              Extremely organized: You have project management skills to the moon and back. And you are very good at balancing priorities. You also already have and employ efficient personal management tools that help you remain organized in a chaotic and high-pressure environment

-              Empathetic/high EQ: You reads people, stay calm in emotional situations, and you can balance the employee and employer's needs

-              Solution oriented: You have an instinct for problem solving

-              Mega proactive: You picks up the phone, research on the internet, and in general dig until you find solutions. You take initiative to build better systems and improve the organization 


·       Professional challenges within a high growth technology company 

·       An awesome team of inspired and excited colleagues 

·       Significant room for professional growth and the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility and ownership 

·       All the lettuce you could dream of



1.     ONNA is a rebel

2.     We believe, to the very core of our being, in a more sustainable tomorrow 

3.     The world’s changing – let’s move on, people 

4.     The product is the hero

5.     We can always get better 

6.     ONNA is a team effort. We work TOGETHER

7.     A smile is a great accessory 

8.     You Can't Use Up Creativity, the More You Use the More You Have (thanks Maya Angelou for those great words of wisdom)



If the above details made your heart flutter, then this might be the job for you and we encourage you to apply for the position of Head of People (and master or organized chaos).

Position start date: Position is open now, ideally targeting a start ASAP 

To apply, please send cover letter and CV in English.

Application deadline: 3rd May. We will assess candidates as applications are received.   

Om arbeidsgiveren

ONNA is a widely diverse team of creative, resilient, kind, and driven people from more than 15 different countries. We are a group of engineers, agronomists, problem solvers, saleswomen, hustlers, food lovers and tinkerers on a mission to create a new green routine. We operate an indoor farm, where we produce delicious greens in a fully controlled and vertically stacked growth environment. Our technology is climate resilient and enables us to produce superior greens – plants that have an awesome shelf life, that are cleaner, tastier, and just a little different, and locally produced all year round. We do this because we believe that changing the food system is critical to building a more sustainable future. And, because we believe that people deserve to eat delicious greens.

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