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Platform Engineer

Raa Labs is a leading technology company serving the global maritime industry. The core offering of Raa Labs is RaaEDGE, an IOT platform enabling vessel owners and operators to reliably get access to high quality operational vessel data to lower emissions, reduce operational cost and increase safety. Raa Labs continuously develops and improves the core of our offering, delivering this across the fleets of leading global owners and vessel operators. The role of Platform Engineer is central in this effort.

Join our team as a Platform Engineer for a career filled with opportunities to solve different types of technical challenges in a global environment.


Purpose of the role:

As a Platform Engineer, you will be pivotal in scaling RaaEDGE to a diverse fleet, optimizing our private and public cloud infrastructures. You’ll be integral to our Platform Engineering group, enhancing our systems with infrastructure-as-code principles using Azure Kubernetes and Google Cloud. Your work will contribute to ensure our solutions deliver performance, security, and reliability at scale.

Raa Labs´ core purpose includes creating a strong product that enables innovation and digital capabilities for our customers. To continue delivering value to our customers, we strive to create a user-friendly system that can unlock value and help the customer succeed in their initiatives onboard vessels and on shore. As a Platform Engineer in Raa Labs, you will be an important contributor to realizing our purpose and ambitions.


What we expect you to bring to the role:

You will be immersed in a setting that values curiosity and creativity. Your expertise in Linux and distributed systems within high-transaction environments will directly impact our solution´s security, scalability, and operational ease. We expect you to have good communication skills and be able to explain your ideas and technical concepts in relation to what you are building and how it will be operated. You are structured, efficient and used to working in a team. We are looking for a person who is thorough and not afraid of taking initiative to continuously improve.

You are open-minded and eager to learn. You likely have good humor and enjoy our good social team environment.

As our Platform Engineer, you will be a key player in building our solution and contributing to the engineering team, ensuring the quality of our services.

The key responsibilities of the role:

  • Architect and refine our Edge & Cloud platforms for optimal service deployment.
  • Building, maintaining and troubleshooting the different platforms (Edge & Cloud) to which our product teams deploy their services
  • Building out processes, tooling, and culture around well-behaved and resilient systems across our product teams
  • Building out an effective, modular, platform leveraging modern infrastructure-as-code and GitOps patterns
  • Ensuring that identity and access management deliver a secure platform without inhibiting innovation
  • Enabling product teams to own and run their own services, backed by solid provision around observability, alerting, and operability
  • Creating 'secure by default' approaches on the platform, so that out of the box, teams are already enabled with an effective security and compliance posture.
  • Helping us to amplify best practice in the industry through education and awareness raising both within and outside the company


The successful candidate is:

  • Experienced using and managing Linux systems, including UEFI firmware, optimized for standard x86 hardware
  • Experienced in server management and out-of-band management concepts to control multiple Linux-based servers.
  • Experienced in system hardening concepts and tools to use to achieve secure Linux systems.
  • Knowledge of modern CI/CD pipelines and GitOps workflows
  • Able to manage production workloads deployed to public cloud (Azure, AWS, Google)
  • Able to independently write scripts and code to automate repetitive tasks
  • Able to demonstrate knowledge of common network protocols, and contribute to the design of networked systems
  • Skilled in alerting and monitoring tooling, such as Prometheus, Loki, Alertmanager or similar stacks.
  • Incident response, resilient systems engineering, and security automation
  • Cloud security and systems hardening     


To be successful in the role, we believe you are:

  • A contributor to Raa Labs by supporting our open, collaborative, and innovation-oriented culture
  • Innovative, creative and open-minded
  • Able to communicate clearly and inspiringly, both written and verbally in English
  • Self-driven with a "can-do" attitude
  • Detail-oriented with a grasp of the big picture
  • Eager to continuously learn and share your knowledge
  • Efficient, organised and self driven
  • Positive and friendly (and probably a bit of a tech nerd) with a great sense of humor
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