Would you like to work with testing of sustainable battery materials?

Research Technician
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Vianode AS is owned by Elkem, Hydro and Altor and was established early 2021. We aim to become a leading solutions provider to the fast-growing battery industry.

Our advanced anode material is a key component in lithium-ion battery cells and our products contribute to increased range for electric vehicles, faster charging, long life, and increased safety.

Our efforts and sustainable solutions are crucial for the green change.

Our first industrial plant for production of anode graphite is being built at Herøya and start of production in first phase (fast-track) will be in 2024.

In a research position with Vianode you would carry out trials in our lab scale and industrial pilot plants and characterize and test materials in our advanced electrochemistry laboratory.

Experience and comfort with running small scale process equipment and laboratory work is required. Attention to detail, good documentation skills and troubleshooting ability are necessary.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Run small scale process equipment as part of product development work
  • Test materials in the laboratory using analytical equipment such as BET, particle size analyzer, and electrochemical testing. 

Qualifications required for the position:

  • relevant education such as laboratory technician, chemistry, chemical engineering
  • min 4 years experience working in the laboratory with testing of materials and troubleshooting of equipment
  • comfortable both with laboratory work and industry as our laboratory is closed to production facilities
  • good knowledge of English is required in the position, knowledge of Norwegian is an advantage 

Personal skills:

  • Systematic and accurate
  • Interested in laboratory work and at the same time able to deliver results according to the deadlines and expectations
  • Good communication and cooperation skills


The position reports to R&D Director and is located in Kristiansand.

Om arbeidsgiveren

Vianode, an Elkem company, is a producer of sustainably engineered battery materials that increases safety and reduces charging time in electric vehicles and other sophisticated energy storage applications.

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