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Safespring is hiring OpenStack engineers

To provide the increased need for secure and compliant IT infrastructure, Safespring is building modern cloud-based compute and storage services based on open source and delivered from local data centers in Norway and Sweden.

To meet the growing demand for our services, we are hiring experts in OpenStack, Ceph, and infrastructure as code to strengthen our technical teams.

About the team

The infrastructure department at Safespring is developing and operating our infrastructure based on OpenStack and Ceph.

Safespring is organized as a distributed organization, and so are the infrastructure teams. That means you can choose to work from home or your home town, but if you prefer to work from an office, we currently have people working from offices in Oslo, Stockholm, and Bergen. Note that we require team members to be residents of Norway or Sweden for regulatory reasons.

Who will be the manager?

The manager of the infrastructure department is Anders Bruvik. See contact information below. He will be happy to have an informal conversation if you have questions about the position.

What are you going to work on?

We deliver infrastructure services based on open source software like OpenStack and Ceph. You will work on all parts of the infrastructure, including OpenStack and Ceph, but we expect you to add deep knowledge about OpenStack to our team. You will also be part of our on-call rotation, where you are responsible for out-of-hours response approximately every 6th week.

What do we expect from you?

  • We expect you to communicate concisely and clearly in English and preferably in a Scandinavian language.
  • You have deep knowledge about building, operating, optimizing, and troubleshooting distributed systems at scale; experience with OpenStack is a plus.
  • You have deep knowledge about networking and routing protocols, including BGP, IPv4, IPv6, encryption, and firewalls.
  • You have experience with Continuous Delivery, Containers, and automating infrastructure.
  • You have experience with infrastructure as code - we use mostly Ansible, but experience with other tools like Terraform, Puppet, CFEngine, etc., is equally valuable.
  • You have skills in at least one programming language (for instance, Python or Golang)
  • You enjoy working with various people and organizations and are a good listener and communicator.
  • Most important: You should be willing and able to learn, grow and share. We need your knowledge to improve our customers, teams, and organization - what you learn, combined with what you already know, is our most valuable asset.
  • You must be a resident of Norway or Sweden.

Will there be any traveling?

We gather the team approximately every quarter, usually somewhere in Scandinavia. In addition, there is a budget for training that could either be spent at conferences and courses or on books and online courses if you prefer to travel less.

How is the compensation?

We compensate with a combination of salary, variable salary based on the monthly targets for the company, and compensation for overtime and on-call rotation. All employees have the opportunity to invest in the company.

Compensation is individually negotiated. As a guideline, for a Senior Engineer in Norway, total compensation is typically 750 000 - 825 000 NOK.

Om arbeidsgiveren

Safespring is a Nordic startup delivering a locally based infrastructure as a Service based on open source software. Our Services enable customers to innovate quickly, reducing time to market and removing technical constraints while increasing efficiency and retaining data sovereignty.

From our professional data centers in Sweden and Norway, our delivery of infrastructure-as-a-Service includes Safespring Compute, Storage, and Backup. The services are flexible, fully automated, and based on self-service through API or portal. Our value proposition includes open standards, privacy, and compliance with local laws.

Our customers include some of the largest research and education organizations, government authorities, and SaaS companies in Sweden and Norway. Safespring holds directly or through a partners framework agreement with Geant (including SUNET, Uninett, NORDUnet), SKR, and Kammarkollegiet, the most important ones.

Safespring supports open infrastructure and open source through memberships in Open Infra foundation, Nordix foundation, and Gaia-X.

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