Postdoctoral position - Climate Impacts on Northeast Atlantic Fisheries Resources

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About the position

The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Norway has a vacancy for a 2-year postdoctoral position, within climate impact assessment of harvestable stocks in the Northeast Atlantic. The research  will mainly focus on resources that are part of the Norwegian and Barents Seas Large Marine Ecosystems, where Norway is actively involved in fisheries assessment and management, typically in an international setting. The marine stocks of interest not only includes commercially exploited fish and shellfish species, but also sharks and other protected species appearing in bycatches.

The candidate will be engaged in updating and extending an extensive database with time-series of  data on vital factors that affect  measures of population productivity. This information will be merged with biophysical-climate exposure factors for further in-depth statistical/modeling approaches in view of climate change scenarios to, as far as possible, foresee future population productivity and sustainability. Hence, the planned work will ultimatedly involve construction of semi-quantitative and/or fully quantitative models resulting in peer-reviewed publications and conference/seminar presentations of interest for the both the academic community and stakeholders.

As this type of work is truly interdisciplinary in nature, the candiate will closely interact with experts within reproductive and larval ecology, fisheries dynamics and assessment, ecosystem processes and climate projections. The candiate will also meet with managers and stakeholders, and with collagues in the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) network of working groups.

The research will be part of the Norwegian Fisheries Research Tax System (FFA) project Climate and Vital Rates of Marine Stocks of the Research Program Marine Processes and Human Impact, contributing to the overall IMR Research Strategy defined by the Norwegian Government.

The postdoc position is placed in Research Group Fisheries Dynamics working on research, monitoring and management advice related to sustainable harvest of fisheries resources in the Norwegian exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and adjacent areas. This consortium includes experts on population dynamics, statistical modeling, bycatch and catch sampling. The group thereby oversees sampling design not only performed by IMR research vessels but also research-oriented field sampling by the Norwegian Reference Fleet and charted vessels. The workplace will be at the IMR headquarter in Bergen.

Qualification requirements

The successful candidate must have the following qualifications:

  • PhD in fisheries, marine ecology, system dynamics, computational biology, or equivalent.
  • Documented quantitative skills and experience in statistical programming (e.g. statistical analysis, model building, and interpretation).
  • Good knowledge of R to be able to collaborate with colleagues on a daily basis.
  • Excellent skills in English, both written and oral.
  • Experience in producting scientific publications of high quality.

In addition, the following qualifications are desired and will be given weight:

  • Familiarity with fisheries population dynamics models and concepts.
  • Experience with analysis and modeling of cluster-correlated data from complex sampling surveys.
  • Programming experience in Template Model Builder, or Stan will be valued.
  • Able to communicate in Norwegian or another Scandinavian language in meetings with e.g. stakeholders.
  • Insights in climate impact assessments.
  • Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Demonstrated ability to independently implement and publish research.
  • Ability to work efficiently, be goal-oriented and perform and report project activities on schedule.

Further training in support of the ability to speak fluent Norwegian will be offered, and costs incurred will be reimbursed based upon completion of the language course.

We offer 

IMR offers a governmentally regulated salary as 1352 Postdoctoral Fellow.

In addition, the postdoc will benefit from:

  • A challenging, creative, and international working environment within one of Europe's leading marine research institutions that is at the forefront regarding the use of marine observations for the investigation of climate effects on marine ecosystems.
  • Exciting projects in a strong scientific environment.
  • Flexible work hours and welfare benefits.
  • Public sector occupational pension through the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (see www.spk.no/en for more information).
  • Corporate cabins and sport teams.
  • A flexible start of the contract period, following discussions between the parties based on milestone and deliverable schedules.

Inclusion, diversity and affirmative action

The Institute of Marine Research value diversity. Therefore, we welcome all qualified candidates to apply for the position, regardless of age, gender, functional ability, nationality or ethnical background. We are an Inclusive Working Life Enterprise, and we aim to facilitate for applicants with disabilities.

Upon receiving applications from candidates with reduced abilities, gaps in CV or immigrant background, we will invite at least one qualified candidate from each category to an interview. In order to be considered for affirmative action, certain requirements should be met. Please read more here (https://arbeidsgiver.dfo.no/strategisk-hr/inkluderingsdugnaden/bli-bedre-pa-rekruttering/hvordan-skrive-stillingsannonser-som-0).

If you wish to be considered for affirmative action, please specify when submitting your application.

Additional information

Applications should be submitted electronically via the link on this page and should be accompanied by a cover letter summarizing relevant skills (in response to the qualifications listed in the position description) and reasons to apply for the position, a complete CV, publication list, copies of maximum 5 peer reviewed publications, three references and transcripts of academic degrees.

Please note that information about applicants may be made public even if an applicant has requested to be exempted from the list of applicants. Applicants will be notified about this in advance.

For more information, please visit our website at www.hi.no/en, or contact research group leader Jon Helge Vølstad (jon.helge.voelstad@hi.no/ + 47 469 29 039) or project leader Olav Sigurd Kjesbu, Department of Marine Ecosystems and Resources (olav.kjesbu@hi.no  / + 47 930 47 611).

Om arbeidsgiveren

The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) is one of the largest research institutes of its kind in Europe, with approximately 1100 employees and a wide range of research facilities and laboratories of high international standard. Our main activities are research, advisory work and monitoring. The IMR owns and operates six research vessels. Our main offices are in Bergen, and we have a department in Tromsø, and research stations in Matre, Austevoll and Flødevigen.

The IMR's aim is to be a leading supplier of knowledge relating to the sustainable management of the resources in our marine ecosystems, both nationally and internationally, and the whole food chain from the sea to the table. This includes the marine environment, fish nutrition, and safe and nutritious sea food.


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