Join our journey to a climate positive world!

Space Physics, Space Engineer

SPACCX Science & Climate Solutions is a new ambitious Carbon Capture Company commercializing new advanced technology to transform Carbon Dioxide from a global liability into an opportunity for global prosperity.

We have global ambitions for serving people, industries, and companies with leading CCS technology. SPACCX develops, builds, and operates Carbon Capture Facilities removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reducing global CO2 emissions.

At SPACCX we believe that carbon capture and storage is essential in saving the planet. As the world moves into net-zero-emissions, new territory and many opportunities emerge – we want You to join our team and take part of that.

SPCCX is building a high-performance-team with the knowledge and capacity to extract value along the entire carbon capture value chain. To supplement the SPACCX Science Team, we are looking to recruit a Space Physics or Space Engineer.

Be part of history by helping us build the future!

Job description

  • Fundamental knowledge of the composition and structure of the atmosphere and the effects of global warming and atmospheric pollutants.
  • Extensive knowledge of Space Physics, Cybernetics, and/or Robotics
  • Fundamental knowledge of the atmospheric chemical reactions, basic spectroscopy of molecules, thermodynamic processes, absorption of atmospheric gasses, diffusion of particles and atmospheric stability
  • Knowledge of satellites, rockets, space instrumentations, mesospheric radars, fluid dynamics, sensors, space weather dynamics and transport in space
  • Contribute to Feasibility & Concept Studies for SPACCX
  • Design and initiate R&D projects


  • PhD, MSC, BSC or similar in Space Physics, Cybernetics, Robotics or similar
  • Experience in Project Management and technical understanding of CCS solutions and technology
  • Passion for Environmental Projects and saving our Planet
  • Solution-oriented, flexible, and adaptable with a “can-do” attitude
  • Fluent in English with the ability to work with clients and teams

Personal Qualities

  • Strong physics, chemical, technical and/or engineering skills
  • Ability to work in dynamic teams with a high workload
  • Proven analytical and organizational ability
  • Ability to coordinate several projects simultaneously
  • Good communication and collaboration skills
  • High level of personal integrity and ethical awareness


  • Help save our planet towards net-zero-emissions
  • Fast-growing international company with global ambitions
  • Access to the industry`s most exciting job opportunities
  • Dynamic working environment in a fast-growing market
  • Workplace might be flexible, Oslo or Berlin

We believe in SPACCX that we can create a future in which our children can inherit the same planet as we have enjoyed where we can deliver prosperity and well-being without environmental damage. Creating this future will require leadership, collaboration, creativity of new technologies, business ideas, new value chains and social and political innovation. Getting there is a challenge, but also an imperative. The world toughest job awaits!

SPACCX believes in people and ideas making a difference in developing the society of tomorrow. Our idea, concept and the people working for us shall separate us from competition so that we are the preferred project developer. Our values are to be courageous, open-minded, hands-on and caring. We believe in these qualities to building a stronger SPACCX reaching for net-zero-emissions. If you can identify with them, you could be the right one for us.

Join our journey to a climate positive world!

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space, engineer, physics, satellite, chemistry

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