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Software Developer

As we expand our presence into new markets and adapt to major changes in the renewable power markets, Volue Market Services is looking to further strengthen our R&D department. We are therefore hiring developers to work on Market Services' internal systems and improve delivery of services to our customers.

We work with agile development centered around Microsoft DevOps with GitHub server as the version control. Systems will be developed primarily in .NET 6 using C#, although the usage of F# is also under consideration for certain parts. We have a very high focus on security.

Volue has a strong preference for cloud computing and we will have a strong central cloud team to support the development teams.

Locations: We currently have developers in both Arendal and Aarhus. Depending on previous competence, other Volue locations are under consideration as we have good experiences with colleagues working remotely.

Working in a flat structure where all voices count, candidates will have ample opportunity to influence the direction of development as well as the choice of technology. The developers will work closely with representatives from non-developer teams in Market Services to ensure that the services developed fulfill the requirements by other lines of the business. There will furthermore be plenty of opportunity to develop your skills. Working from a good home office will be supported.

Main tasks and duties

  • Developing back-end systems for energy transaction handling
  • Developing back-end systems for the trading part of mFRR balancing systems
  • Developing back-end systems hedging financial index products
  • Developing back-end systems for trading of Green Certificates
  • Maintaining the SW with bug fixes and customer adaptations.

We are moving into more AI/Machine learning territory with algorithmic trading and use of Machine Learning technology in our back-end systems.



  • Bachelor/Master´s degree in Software Development or similar competence level
  • Experience in development, commercially or in open source.
  • Good understanding of using interfaces/API's
  • Some experience/education on databases and optimization of queries
  • Candidates that can show practical skills will be considered without formal education
  • Recently graduates are encouraged to apply
  • Experience with Business Intelligence or low-code tools/development is a bonus.

Personal attributes suitable for the role:

  • Able to work with different nationalities 
  • Able to work from different location through the use of remote tools
  • Good technical English
  • Ability to focus on your tasks and communicate any impediments
  • An interest in expanding your skillset

Om arbeidsgiveren

Who we are in Volue 

Sustainable development is vital for our future. This development comes with challenges that require stability. We believe that great people, delivering end-to-end platforms and technology services are key to unlocking a better and more prosperous future. 

As a company, we might be a new player, but we know the game better than most. Founded by some of the most experienced and innovative technology companies in the industry, Volue's DNA has been the transition to sustainable and digital services.

Volue is about people. From staff to client, people are at the centre of all our operations, and we strive for a flat structure where everyone feels included, appreciated and recognized for their individual talent and efforts. We call this "ONE Volue". We hire talented individuals, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, ancestry, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background or religious beliefs.

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