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Altus Intervention AS
Wireline Operator/Snr. Operator/Supervisor

We are looking for personnel that can perform work in a professional, safe and diligent manner within the execution of well intervention operations in the North Sea and overseas. We need someone who can manage Wireline operations in such a way that personnel and equipment resources are utilized optimally. Health, safety and environment will always be paramount objective.

Tasks and Responsibilities:   

  • Participate in preparation and execution of Wireline work in accordance with approved procedures
  • Participate in compliance of the operations to safety regulations, procedures and routines
  • Participate in preparation of equipment, control that all necessary equipment is in place at the right time
  • Participate in continuity when crew change and secure experience transfer
  • Participate in redressing and maintaining tools and equipment in a professional manner according to instructions and procedures
  • Participate in onshore activities such as upgrading of equipment, training, maintenance and equipment control
  • Participate in relevant project work / meetings / courses and any related homework
  • Assist Supervisor control and prepare necessary equipment, record all non-conformities that occur during the operation, clean and maintain tools and equipment, pack, label and report shipment
  • Report all relevant data according to internal procedures during well intervention operations

Supervisor Specific Tasks and Responsibilities:

The Supervisor will, in addition to listed tasks above, have the overall work lead and responsibility to ensure the work is conducted in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures. The Supervisor will also conduct or partake in the following activities:

  • Activities reporting 
  • Guide co-workers to ensure contractor's regulations and procedures are followed
  • Participate in training activities as instructed by company and/or contractor 
  • Advise and assist course instructors with training and promotion of personnel 
  • Assist Field Engineers, control and prepare necessary equipment, record non-conformities, clean and maintain tools and equipment, pack, label and report shipment and any other
  • When required, temporarily function as Operation Supervisor (short term assignment) 

The Supervisor holds the authority to verify that job execution is done in accordance with regulations and well integrity

Candidate requirements:  

  • Holds relevant Craft Certificate
  • For Senior/ Supervisor roles: Technical College / higher education is required
  • Excellent HSE attitude
  • Proactive and has a positive attitude towards challenges
  • Works in accordance with regulations and business/work/role requirements
  • Team Player and Customer focused
  • Shares competence and experience
  • Fluent in Norwegian and English
  • Service minded, willing to walk the extra mile
  • Focused on developing own skills and competencies
  • Willing to commit to obtaining and maintaining the required competence level and training for the position

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Altus Intervention is the well intervention specialist with a difference. We have the experience, technologies and techniques like no other, enabling us to work smarter, adapting and delivering real change operationally and commercially. We are the number 1 integrator of intervention services in the North Sea and a global leader for delivering precision well technology.

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