Telemetry & Radar Engineer

Andøya Space
Telemetry & Radar Engineer
The Operations and Business Support Division is responsible for operational and business support to all business divisions at Andøya Space.
The division includes IT, Service, Launch Operations, Safety, Maintenance and Human Resources. It consists of more than 50 people. 
  The Telemetry & Radar section (TM&R) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all Telemetry, communication and radar equipment at Andøya Space.

Working tasks / responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Telemetry & Radar Engineer will be as a team member in a growing department that are involved in operational activities in Missile, Ballistic Rocket and Orbital launches.

Andøya Space will be looking for a range of qualifications from applicants in the field of Telemetry & Radar. There will be additional tasks for individuals outside operational activities such as maintenance, development and other IT-related tasks. We have a total of 4 new positions.

The main tasks are:

  • Operation and maintenance of communication equipment


  • Radio lines and fiber for IP and other communication
  • Voice and data over IP
  • Remote control via IP
  • Radios (Tx and RX) for VHF and UHF


  • Operation and maintenance of Telemetry equipment


  • Antennas
  • Receivers
  • Signal distribution
  • Data storage


  • Operate and maintain tracking radar systems


  • Operation, maintenance, and development of IT-infrastructure


  • M365 and User support
  • Network and WiFi management
  • Server management – VMware, Windows and Linux
  • Backup and data storage solutions


  • Documentation and quality management
  • Support and administer IT security policies.

Qualifications - education

  • We are seeking an applicant with an engineering education or equivalent in the field of telecommunications / electronics and/or with extensive experience and knowledge telecom, technical industry or space.
  • Commercial or national security considerations may apply to some operations; it is therefore essential that the applicant may gain a Norwegian security clearance.
  • In addition, good technical, interpersonal and communication skills and being proficient in English oral and writing.
  • Applicants must have a Class B driver’s license.

Personal qualities

  • We look for colleagues with a combination of skills, personal traits, and attitudes. They include:
  • Well-organized/structured
  • Time management
  • Strong work ethic
  • Professionalism
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Good technical, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills.
  • Work at mountain top stations is included in the position, so applicants should be in decent physical shape.
  • The workplace will primarily be Andøya Space but work at our station in Ny Ålesund on Svalbard may also be relevant for shorter periods.

We offer

Andøya Space is a stimulating international working environment, within an active local community, on an island providing many opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Diversity in the workplace is essential to Andøya Space and we encourage applicants from all backgrounds, communities, and industries. Salary is by agreement. Pension and insurance arrangements. Andøya Space supports flexible working hours, we can assist newcomers to find housing and we may provide support for relocation costs. The position is subject to a standard six-month probationary period. 

Om arbeidsgiveren

Andøya Space is a Norwegian aerospace company. We enable scientists to explore Earth’s atmosphere with sounding rockets, balloons, unmanned aircraft and advanced ground-based instrumentation. We enable engineers to test new aerospace and defense related technology. We educate and inspire the next generation scientists and engineers. We are now working to establish Norway’s - and Europe’s - launch facility for small satellites.

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