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At Western Bulk the Data Science and Engineering team works as a start-up within a traditional industry. We make use of the latest technology to sustain a commercial edge in a highly competitive and global shipping market.  Join us on our journey!

When working in a start-up, each team member should be able fill multiple roles, but also strive to be or become a specialist within at least one field. We are seeking someone that will become a specialist within Data Engineering, but who also wants to learn Data Science and Devops.

As a Data Engineer on AWS cloud you will be working to build, migrate, maintain and modernize the applications and data on our AWS platform.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Participate in Design and architectural discussions.
  • Work collaboratively with the team to gather and define the requirements.
  • Convert the requirements into business logic and deploy it on AWS using the suitable service.
  • Provision, configure and maintain AWS cloud infrastructure defined as code using CDK (cloud deployment kit) or CloudFormation.
  • Troubleshoot problems across a wide array of services and functional areas.
  • Build and maintain operational tools for deployment, monitoring, and analysis of AWS infrastructure and systems.

You have the following skills:

  • At least 2-5 years of experience in python programming and fair understanding of big data and spark (Pyspark is preferred).
  • Should have experience of building and maintaining AWS infrastructure (VPC, EC2, Security Groups, IAM, ECS, Batch, Lambda, Glue, RDS, Redshift, CloudFront, S3, etc.)
  • Strong understanding of how to secure AWS environments and meet compliance requirements.
  • Expertise in using and managing Jenkins for CI/CD.
  • Hands-on experience deploying and managing infrastructure with CloudFormation or CDK.
  • Experience with Docker, GitHub.
  • Ability to write SQL queries is must.
  • Fair understanding of designing and building rest api’s on AWS ApiGateway.
  • An understanding of data warehouse and star schema data model will be an added value.
  • Ability to learn/use a wide variety of opensource technologies and tools.
  • Knowledge of Data Science workflow and common tools.

Western Bulk can offer a result-driven, transparent and highly flexible workplace with a flat structure and progressive culture that reflects the Scandinavian heritage of the company.  For further information about the position, please contact Martin Hjelle, CDO,

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Western Bulk (WB) is an asset-light dry bulk operator and freight trader, operating a fleet of about 100 - 150 Supramax and Handysize vessels. The company combines highly commercial trading skills with technology, advanced analytics and risk management to succeed in an extremely competitive and global shipping market.

WB seeks to offer flexible, high-quality ocean freight services to its customers, leveraging on its global trading pattern, relationships and operational expertise. Through its constant presence in the various regional and local freight markets, WB gains valuable market intelligence that it uses to take positions in the market – trying to identify and benefit from short term price variations, trend breaks and arbitrage opportunities. Moreover, value is created by constantly seeking to optimise the scheduling of vessels and cargoes, reducing ballast time and finding ways to operate voyages as efficiently as possible.

Each of WB's six Commercial Teams operates as decentralized profit centres, using ships, cargoes and derivatives for directional play and arbitrage in the market. Risk management is a central part of WB's trading model, and the company also invests heavily in the use of technology and advanced analytics for decision support and market forecasting.

Western Bulk is headquartered in Oslo, and has offices in Singapore, Seattle, Santiago (Chile) and Casablanca (Morocco). 

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