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We are experiencing strong growth in demand for our products, and wish to further strengthen our technical group. We are looking for candidates that will not only be a strong addition to our competence pool, but also a team player, who wants to join us in building excellent solutions for our clients. A position in OptoScale means being given a lot of opportunity, and also responsibility.

OptoScale has developed an industry-leading computer vision system that is used for, among others, estimating fish weight and health. The camera is placed in a fish pen used for aquaculture, and typically measures 40 000 individual fish every single day. This gives an enormous amount of valuable data for the customers. We are seeking to further broaden the portfolio of software solutions we can provide with the same equipment, and this position will be focused on doing so.

Typical work tasks are among others:

  • be responsible for front end development in our team of scientists, engineers, and developers
  • based on descriptions and graphical mock-ups be able to create beautiful solutions that communicate clearly with our customers

Skills required for the position:

  • Strong website development experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript with an understanding of ES6 
  • Strong knowledge of React 
  • Experience working with version control systems such as GIT 
  • Knowledge of GraphQL and RESTful APIs
  • Knowledge about Redux-Kubernetes-GCP-CI/CD Tooling would be an advantage

The right candidate would:

  • Share our no 1 value: The job is not done before the customer is happy 
  • Like to work in an environment with skilled coworkers, where we are changing the way fish farming is done, through the use of data 
  • Be skilled, but still hungry to improve 
  • Not have the answer to all questions, but know you can find out 
  • Like to be treated well and respectfully, and do the same with your coworkers 
  • Want to be part of an environment where we build things TOGETHER 
  • Preferably have at least two years of relevant experience

We can offer:

  • A friendly and strong academical working environment
  • The opportunity to be part of a scale-up during very exiting period

Our values:

  • The job is not done before the customer is satisfied
  • We treat everyone - colleagues, suppliers, and customers - with respect
  • Every day we come in to work, we try to do things a little bit better than the day before
  • We are all co-responsible for creating the workplace we want to work at

Om arbeidsgiveren

OptoScale has developed the BioScope - a sensor system for aquaculture, enabling fish farmers continuous overview of the state of each fish farm. The company has won several awards for its work, and is currently a group of 15 people, where roughly half work in development, and half in production and service. Our customers are fish farmers worldwide, with the majority of installations still being in the Norwegian market. We are located in Trondheim.

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frontend, react, javascript, GUI, HTML/CSS

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