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Quality Lead Engineer

Job Description

  • The purpose of the OLP3 Quality Lead Engineer role is to provide Quality Management support to the OLP3 Project and wider Client``s project team in their pursuit of World Class Project Delivery. In addition to delivering core Quality accountabilities, shall specifically drive Learning and Continuous Improvement to support improved project and business outcomes across ASNS.
  • Embrace, adapt and actively contribute to implement the agile, digital and multiskilling transformation of Client`s.
  • Responsible for quality support to the OLP3 project to deliver No Defects, underpinning Goal Zero and Top Quartile Cost/Schedule aspirations.
  • Additionally provide Ad Hoc support to other projects. Supporting while other Quality Engineers grow their experience and competence.
  • Shall actively pursue opportunities for Digitalisation that can improve quality outcomes for the project and deliver improved data quality for future lifecycle of the asset.
  • The individual shall be the project focal point for Learning to ensure that previous lessons are reviewed and implemented where appropriate, while challenging the team on managing quality risks. Shall support the project team to conduct learning workshops, in order to drive continuous improvement.

Qualification Requirements

  • Degree or equivalent or recognised professional technical qualification.
  • Commercially and contractually knowledgeable, experienced in managing or supporting management of major FEED and EPC contracts, working with different contract models (lump sum, unit rates, reimbursable) through contract preparation, negotiation, implementation and close out, to deliver contract value.
  • Collaboration with contractors/suppliers in Norway and other European locations is essential. Physical travel and virtual presence at various locations will be required on approximately bi-monthly basis, balancing project needs with company/societal constraints on travel. It will be imperative that the candidate is effective at use of virtual working tools.
  • The candidate shall have demonstrable experience delivering several major projects and ability to perform consistently across the following competency areas:
  • Leadership in HSSEQ and Learner Mindset: Establish a Quality vision and implement a plan to deliver world class HSSEQ outcomes – No Harm, No Defects.
  • Integrated Quality Management: Define and develop Integrated Quality Management to help achieve No Defects on projects. To be aligned from the perspectives of both industry and Company standards. Quality Management should be established based on the 4 phases of plan, do, check and act. Develop or maintain across the project team, an overall focus on risk based thinking, including KPIs, processes/standards, record keeping, resources / responsibilities, system for continuous improvement and review, auditing. Also to include integration with other management philosophies such as Operational Excellence, Information Management, and Change Control as key components for continuous improvement.
  • Risk Identification & Management: Use data and information from experience to develop Quality intervention programs that addresses both risks and opportunities to optimise cost and add value. Identify and manage project Quality risks based on project specific risks and from past data.
  • Technical and Fabrication Assurance: o Prepare the project internal and external assurance plan. Ensure aligned with Client`s requirements and best practice. Support the project team to deliver Intent based Project and Technical Assurance, meeting Client`s internal requirements.Inspection Coordination and Interface Management in procurement/fabrication/construction/commissioning/startup. This includes overall assurance of verification process, understanding of manufacturing / fabrication risks, types of NDE, preservation, cleanliness, and tightness methodologies / techniques. Inspection coordination and inspector’s management in Project Execution by both Company and Contractors throughout Project planning and execution.
  • Auditing, Assessment & Qualifications: Conduct appropriate and risk-based Client`s internal and external audits of Quality and communicate results effectively. Conduct Quality audits and reviews following a systematic process covering certification requirements and associated guidelines, such as Company Quality Audit framework.
  • Methods of Analysis: Establish and manage a process that compiles relevant project data to give a clear and concise status of project performance and learning. Utilise different techniques to analyse the data for trends / performance issues. Perform Root Cause Failure Analysis and develop / implement controls and mitigations associated with execution in Projects.
  • Lessons Learned and Continuous Improvement: Capture lessons learned throughout the life of the project and manage control and mitigation actions as required. Embed continuous improvements in Quality planning and execution based on outcomes from reviews, analyses, audits, Quality Health Checks and value assurance processes. Provide input to project close out indicating successes and failures, major deviations from plan, technical parameters and major events regarding quality in Projects. Design and implement interventions to change behaviours at the individual, interpersonal, group/team, and organization levels, engaging people in a collaborative manner to arrive at an aligned outcome. Demonstrated ability and passion to lead high value Lessons Learned and Continuous Improvement initiatives, with ability to deliver sustainable change.
  • Supply Chain Management and Business Partnering: Manage the Quality aspects of the contract over its life and develop/implement the appropriate contract Quality performance management activities to assure the project and performance standards are met or exceeded by both Client`s and the Supplier. Ensure objective performance measurements, arranging regular performance review meetings dealing with current performance issues and the setting of new targets possible. Builds effective, trust-based partnerships with business (and functional) leaders by providing quality steer and support to deliver No Defect performance.
  • Requirements & Verification: Places significant emphasis on the quality of engineering decisions and requirements in the early phase of a project, as well as, the quality of execution of the design. Optimizing requirements (quantity down, quality up) throughout the project lifecycle, linked to business objectives, aligned to industry solutions. o Verification (did we design and build the thing right) and Validation (did we design and build the right thing) are key pillars in the Project. Streamlining verification (timely & efficient) to ensure right the first time with reduced cost & delivery times.

DUE DATE: 22.07.2021 AT 12:00

DURATION: 02.08.2021 - 31.07.2022


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