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TM - Operations Readiness & Assurance Engineer

Job Description

  • Manage and successfully deliver OR to ensure a prepared and competent asset operations organization.
  • Champion for achieving Goal Zero
  • Manage and deliver Quality, Cost and Schedule performance against agreed stretch targets
  • Develop a high performing integrated OR team
  • Develop and deliver the OR management plan for all applicable project phases
  • Provide OPEX budget estimates (Type 2, 3 and 4)
  • Represent the Asset Operations function in providing input to project definition and project execution, and providing Operability & Maintainability aspects into project design.
  • Support and participate in asset- and project assurance reviews.
  • Work with MRF Coordinator to ensure that the project learns from previous projects by identifying and mitigating the right flaws.
  • Align with CSU and Construction resources and project team leads to ensure cooperation through final phases, enabling a cross organizational positive working environment that promotes safe behaviour and continuous learning.
  • Maintain a safe work environment by enforcing site safety standards and procedures.
  • Manage HSSE in transition from project to asset and establish Operational HSSE Readiness.
  • Contribute to HSE activities (HAZOP, HAZID)
  • Provide direction and support in getting MOCs through the approval process.
  • Participate and contribute during model and design reviews
  • Ensure documentation turnover is fully completed as per DFO spec. and based on criticality
  • Develop and assure operating procedures
  • Ensure that the Operations and Maintenance Teams have the knowledge, skills and information necessary to successfully operate and maintain the project equipment, prior to RFSU date.
  • Ensure all PI tags are loaded to PI server prior to RFSU date

Qualification Requirements

  • Min exp 8 to 10 years with HSSE,SP and Quality in flagship project, including MRF/FPD.
  • Strong leadership capabilities and behaviors.
  • Curiosity, adaptability, resilience, ownership, collaboration skills and drive for continuous learning and improvement.
  • Must have solid experience in preparing, delivering and managing operations readiness of an integrated major project.
  • Knowledge of, and experience in using Clients OR systems, practices and procedures
  • Structured and organized
  • Proven inter-personal and relationships skills in complex environments. Builds trust.
  • A passion for creating and working in sustainable and effective delivery teams across different locations.
  • Knowledgeable in all safety aspects of onshore and offshore operations
  • Dedicated in creating a sustainable working environment w/effective teams across different locations.
  • Committed to continuous improvement and motivating others to be successful in development.
  • Embrace digital ways of working including ability to act as an informed buyer for contractors using digital engineering tools and deliver in a format compatible with a digital twin.
  • Good to have a Masters/ Graduate Degree in Science or relevant discipline to current job requirement

DUE DATE: 15.07.2021

DURATATION:02.08.2021 - 02.08.2022


Om arbeidsgiveren

MDE Group er et globalt rekrutteringsselskap, spesialisert på å finne og plassere de største talentene over hele verden. MDE består i dag av 12 selskaper som tilbyr konsulent-, bemannings- og rekrutteringstjenester, samt offshorepersonell og rådgivning. Med vår unike kjennskap til både det lokale og det internasjonale markedet vil vi bistå arbeidstakere og bedrifter slik at begge parter finner akkurat det de er på jakt etter.

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