Senior Mechanical Engineer

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Senior mechanical engineer

Job Description

  • Perform mechanical design and engineering to establish the most efficient solutions for development, design and manufacture, through to installation and operation.
  • Contribute to efficient project execution to the right quality, cost and time.
  • Comply with company values, policies and procedures.
  • Advise and teach other engineers on own area of expertise.
  • When mobilized as Package Responsible Engineer (PRE), in addition:
  • Work in a project package delivery team consisting of PRE (this position) PRB (Package Responsible Buyer) and PQM (Project QA/QC Manager).Reporting in project to PEM (Project Engineering Manager) or PM (Project Manager).
  • Provide technical documentation according to project requirements, such as Technical Requisition, Specification and Datasheet for Inquiry and Purchase Order.
  • Provide technical input to Procurement Strategy.
  • Conduct technical Pre-Order Activities such as technical clarification meetings prior to CA and clarifications. Participate and prepare input to the technical part of Bid Clarification meetings with suppliers.
  • Define the package document scope and schedule in the SDL
  • Provide technical input to PQM for supplier’s ITP
  • Participate in kick off meetings and Pre-Inspection Meetings
  • Participate in package specific tests and inspections as agreed with PQM.
  • Review/comment and approve supplier documents as required per the SD(R)L.
  • Proactively work with document control to ensure documentation is timely issued and distributed.
  • Notify PEM of any potential changes or deviations to the package scope.
  • Participate in evaluation and technical close-out of PO’s in SQiS in co-operation with PRB.
  • Execute work in accordance with the Project execution Model.
  • Have sound understanding of Client Contract, with technical requirements and specifications for the assigned procurement packages in specific, and highlight any ambiguities, unfeasible, or otherwise unclear information.
  • Raise Technical Query and Technical Deviations to client when required by the project,
  • Provide technical input to procurement and Quality Management as required in commercial and quality matters, such as VOR’s and NCR’s in liaison with PRB and PQM.
  • Ensure that procurement package interfaces are well defined and communicated according to project requirements.
  • Prepare necessary technical input to project reporting in accordance with project routines for Progress, schedule, risk and opportunity input.
  • Provide input to expediting plan to PRB
  • Participate in or manage vendor progress meetings.
  • Provide technical input and support to the supplier Mechanical Completion (for assigned procurement packages in liaison with -PRB and PQM, and in accordance with Fjords and Project requirements.
  • Responsible for closing of punch items for assigned procurement packages- in liaison with PRB and PQM.
  • Responsible of the release of the assigned procurement packages.
  • Responsible for capturing and sharing relevant lessons learned items, according to Fjords and project requirements.
  • Ensure that relevant working methods are followed
  • Perform tasks in such a way as to reduce environment and health risks
  • Ensure tasks performed are to a high quality, be involved in and suggest improvements where they may be needed
  • Participate in the evaluation of working methods and conditions and thereby minimize the risk for workplace and environmental incidents and thereby minimize the risk for quality issues

Qualifications Requirements

  • Graduated in Mechanical Engineering and Design, or similar
  • Engineering experience in oil and gas-, chemical process- or power generation industry.
  • Documented experience with delivery of rotating and/or static equipment and complex packages in the oil and gas industry
  • Familiar with the following industry standards: I. Rotating: API 610, 674, 675, 681, 682; ISO 2858, 5199, 1940; ASME B73.1 and/or II:Static: ASME BPVC, EN 13445; PD 5500 and relevant harmonized standards
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken.
  • Documented experience with project specifications pertaining oil companies such as Shell, Saudi Aramco, BP, Exxon, Total, Reliance, Woodside
  • Master degree (MSc) is a strong advantage
  • Experience with MEG reclamation projects is a strong advantage
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Solution oriented
  • Proactive and take initiative to perform according to expectations
  • Working in teams
  • Being analytic and accurate
  • Structured
  • Minimum 5 years' relevant experience in a similar/same position

DUE DATE: 02.04.2021
DURATION: 05/04/2021 - 03/10/2021

Om arbeidsgiveren

MDE Group er et globalt rekrutteringsselskap, spesialisert på å finne og plassere de største talentene over hele verden. MDE består i dag av 12 selskaper som tilbyr konsulent-, bemannings- og rekrutteringstjenester, samt offshorepersonell og rådgivning. Med vår unike kjennskap til både det lokale og det internasjonale markedet vil vi bistå arbeidstakere og bedrifter slik at begge parter finner akkurat det de er på jakt etter.

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