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Energy Transition Analyst

Analysis Department - Oslo, Norway

Do you want to challenge yourself as an Energy Transition Analyst in one of the world’s leading Energy Knowledge houses?


The Role

Rystad Energy is seeking enthusiastic, analytical, and commercially minded candidates to join our Analyst Team. We are constantly improving and expanding our product portfolio, and these new roles will form integral pieces of our energy transition solutions’ ongoing development. Our products are built on a foundation of a high volume of factual data combined with sophisticated in-house data management systems and forecasting tools which allow us to model the physical and market-based mechanisms governing global energy systems.

In this round, we are looking for three new Analysts who will be key contributors in developing our Product Portfolio within CCS, Hydrogen, Electric mobility, and Batteries/Energy storage. These products will be the world’s first bottom-up databases covering the global markets for each of the three themes:

CCS Solution

The CCS Solution focuses on the global market for carbon capture and storage, including communicated CCS projects, the global set of point-source CO2 emissions, geological CO2 storage potential and CO2 utilization technologies. CCS is at the forefront of the energy transition, with Europe and North America spearheading some of the most exciting projects within the CCS domain.

Hydrogen Solution

The Hydrogen Solution covers the entire hydrogen value chain, including the global market for hydrogen and hydrogen-derived products, from both a supply and demand perspective. Key focus areas include end-use applications of hydrogen in industry and transport, as well as hydrogen production technologies and market trends. With hydrogen becoming increasingly relevant as a pathway to decarbonize several hard to abate sectors, we at Rystad Energy are continuously working with clients to understand this fast-growing market.

Battery Solution

The Battery solution will be the world’s first bottom-up battery value chain database, which will cover the global market for batteries and explore the role of batteries in the energy system. This includes electric vehicles, grid-scale energy storage, and lithium-ion battery manufacturing and raw material sourcing. The battery theme is very topical within the Energy Transition domain, and Norway is at the forefront of development in Europe with four cell factories, two to three electrode material factories, offshore mining and more on the drawing board.

These three teams will be key parts of our Energy Transition group, primarily based out of our headquarters in Oslo. However, candidates in London, New York, Houston, Shanghai and Singapore are also encouraged to apply.



  • Conduct research on key energy transition-related topics, including the decarbonization of the energy system, CCS, battery, and hydrogen value chains, as well as the transportation and power sectors. Energy demand forecasting is also a relevant area of research.
  • Define and develop world-class granular business intelligence databases.
  • Contribute to the development of one or more standalone products within the energy transition space.
  • Support and contribute to the development of a Global Energy Systems model.
  • Communicate and coordinate with the core team in Oslo as well as other key products and stakeholders.
  • Produce and publish reports and articles on energy transition-related topics based on Rystad Energy analysis.
  • Contribute to management consulting projects within the energy transition area, when relevant.
  • Participate in the general research, product development and client activities of the respective product teams.


Experience and skills

An individual with a strong academic track record, high level of energy, determination and analytical ability is a must, combined with excellent communication and presentation skills.

  • Master’s degree within Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Economics or similar
  • Relevant experience within one of the areas of energy systems modelling, energy value chains, CCS, renewables, hydrogen or batteries are beneficial, but not a prerequisite
  • 2-5 years of working experience is ideal, but graduates are also encouraged to apply
  • Experience with and/or a strong interest in developing models based on real-world data
  • Personally motivated by the Energy Transition domain
  • Proactive, independent, open-minded and creative
  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment, and is a strong multi-tasker
  • Ability to operate independently and flexibly in an environment that is both demanding and multicultural
  • Good English skills, both verbal and written
  • A positive person with strong motivation to personally develop and contribute to the company’s development and growth

About Rystad Energy

Rystad Energy offers global and regional data, analytics and advisory services tailored specifically for in-depth analysis of the energy industry and several key sub-segments – Oil & Gas, Commodity Markets, Supply Chain, Renewables & Power and Energy Transition. The high consistency of our data is the result of our systematic research, which involves combining publicly available information with Rystad Energy's own professional estimates and models – bottom-up data is at the core of everything we do.

We complete more than 3,000 data updates daily. Over 1,000 companies are tracked continuously, with all sourced data converted to the same level and definition within our products to ensure consistency. This bottom-up data is verified by top-down benchmarks, with minimal deviation allowed.

Clients benefit from this approach by subscribing to our data and analytics solutions and/or by utilizing our industry experts in collaborative advisory projects.

Application Deadline: 5 April

Please include a cover letter, CV, transcripts and other relevant documents in a single PDF file when you upload your application. MacOS users can experience difficulties in uploading documents. We recommend using Windows PC to apply.

Om arbeidsgiveren

Rystad Energy - Your Energy Knowledge House

We are an independent energy research and business intelligence company providing data, tools, analytics and consultancy services to clients exposed to the energy industry across the globe. Our high-end capabilities within energy fundamentals, oil and gas markets, supply chains, renewables and energy transition strengthen the insight and expertise of our clients, thereby assuring quality decisions.

Since 2004, we have worked tirelessly to develop best-in-class data, analytics and support, and in the process have earned the confidence and trust of our ever-growing list of clients. Having become a sought-after voice in the energy market, we are widely recognized for our up-to-date, consistent and comprehensive data and insights.

We engage with energy companies, suppliers, financial professionals, NGOs and governments, as well as anyone focusing on global or regional oil, gas, power and renewable energy markets. Our highly qualified and experienced analysts and consultants can provide fact-based guidance within business development and portfolio strategy, market and trend analysis, benchmarking and competitor assessments. Whatever the assignment, the client is at the heart of everything we do – we are, after all, your energy knowledge house.

We strive to provide transparency through the most complete, accurate and actionable insights across the entire energy value chain, thus helping to drive better decisions in the sector. This is done through the comprehensive analysis of historical, present and future activities in the energy sector.

The fundamental element to our business and finer forecasting is our bottom-up approach to data. Rystad Energy’s comprehensive and consistent micro-to-macro datasets are truly unique, and we assure that the data actually adds up across different sectors, regions and databases. Our flexible and adaptive technology solutions are tailored to meet the client’s needs, and we are at all times committed to offering top quality service for our customers – providing intelligence, engagement and support throughout the entire product and service delivery cycle.

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