Materials Scientist - new anode materials for Li-ion batteries

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Materials Scientist

Materials Scientist – Development of titania-based anode materials for Li-ion batteries

The green shift pushes the electrification of society forward, and to keep up, batteries must meet new requirements. In TioTech, we make titania-based nanomaterials for Li-ion battery anodes ( Batteries with our materials will be faster to charge, last longer and have better temperature robustness than current technologies. We are now optimising and scaling up our production method for titania battery materials. The goal is to supply battery cell factories with our materials from 2023, and we are speeding up the R&D work to keep up. Accordingly, we are strengthening our team with a scientist who will be based in our in-house laboratory in Bergen.


Work tasks

The scientist will work with development and optimisation of titania nanomaterials for use in Li-ion batteries and have an important role in two of our recently granted R&D projects (funded by Norges Forskningsråd and RFF Vestland). The scientist must be able to plan, run and report experiments, supporting the team with the following:

·      Synthesis development.

·      Post-functionalisation of materials, optimising the materials for use in batteries.

·      Running characterisation instruments and analysing data.

·      Analyse and correlate battery results with material properties.

·      Process upscaling. 



·         MSc/PhD within the fields of materials development, chemistry or nanotechnology.

·         Extensive experience with materials synthesis, functionalisation and characterisation.

·         Preferably background from electrochemistry or electrochemical applications like batteries, supercapacitors, fuel-cells etc.

·         Experience with scale-up of chemical production processes is a strong advantage.


Personal characteristics

·         Strong problem-solving skills in the field of material development. You are able to find new pathways in materials development, based on existing literature and your own creativity.

·         Ability to adjust to a wide variety of tasks, including chemical analysis and maintenance of laboratory equipment, running materials characterisation etc.

·         Working language English, preferably proficient in Norwegian.

·         The right person for the job is self-driven, efficient and structured. Personal suitability is key for us, as we are a small company and depend strongly on each employee`s motivation and skills.

We offer you a great working environment with dedicated and (at least in our opinion) funny and likeable people. You get the flexibility to build up your own workday and is given freedom to explore your own ideas on the way to the goal – a completely new battery material for the global market! 

Do you want to develop new battery materials and follow them from the laboratory to large-scale production and into battery cells? We will evaluate candidates continuously – send us your application and CV today!

Om arbeidsgiveren

TioTech AS is a Norwegian manufacturer of titania (titanium dioxide) nanomaterials and a developer of titania-based technologies. We are a small company (four employees) located in Bergen, where we develop new titania nanomaterials in our in-house laboratory. After developing and commercialising a series of photocatalytic products (, we are now developing materials for energy storage applications. In 2021, we were awarded DRIV-prisen for our innovative work for more sustainable solutions. Our collaborators include amongst others UiB, KTH Stockholm, SINTEF Energy and Future Materials.

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