Unloc is looking for a Lead Platform Developer

Lead Platform Developer

Unloc's business model is based on a well-functioning, secure and innovative platform for sharing digital keys. As a Lead Platform Developer in Unloc, you will be involved in building and defining the core product in the company. You will work closely with the CTO and Head of Engineering to uncover shortcomings in our platform and be a critical voice in how we can take our platform to the next step.

We want to open doors for everyone, all over the world. Our goal is to make everyday life easier, and with Unloc it is as easy to share a key as it is to send a message. We will build a revolutionary infrastructure for the future where you will only need one app to open all doors - Unloc.

About us and our journey

Unloc has been growing rapidly since we were established in 2017, and today we are 30 ambitious, independent, inclusive and committed employees, including a competent tech team with 9 developers. We are a fully digital company where the software we create is the core of the business model. We are building a global platform and a user-friendly app for sharing digital keys across all types of locks where all employees are co-owners in the company. Read more about our journey here: https://unloc.app/en/pages/story

Some of the things you’ll do as a Lead Platform Developer:

  • Be a sparring partner for the CTO and Head of Engineering on technological tools, platform scaling and other technological choices.
  • Further development of Unloc's Google Cloud based key sharing platform.
  • Continuous improvement of system architecture.
  • Continuous assessment and analysis of security risks.
  • Facilitate so that our partners easily can connect to our platform through our APIs.
  • Explore and implement technical integrations with 3rd party suppliers of electronic locks and locking systems.

We are looking for you with the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor or higher degree in computer science.
  • A long and broad experience within the tech space.
  • Updated on what is happening in the industry within cloud computing.
  • Experience with the development of back-end systems and digital platforms.
  • Concerned about good user experiences and intuitive APIs.
  • Based in Oslo and speaks fluent Norwegian or English or both.

There are many roads leading up to being a part of Unloc. Our tech team has already a mix of different backgrounds and competencies. Don’t self-select out!

Benefits you get from us:

  • Significant job in a startup that is growing rapidly and expanding into the world.
  • You get the opportunity to influence how the company and our solutions look in the long and short term.
  • You get to work with modern and exciting technologies.
  • A team with a passion for creativity and problem solving.
  • Colleagues who invent a lot of social and have fun together.
  • Be part of an extremely strong professional environment with senior resources from exciting professional environments.
  • Total flexibility and autonomy.
  • Honest feedback and open cooperation.
  • Ownership through our incentive program for employees.
  • Central and very modern offices in central Oslo (Kongens Gate 6), with opportunities for home offices.

We have just conducted a major survey of what employees think about our culture. They describe the work environment as informal, with good colleagues you can spar with and learn a lot from, an exceptional team spirit, with freedom under responsibility where you can safely test and fail.

Our partners are essential for the work we do, and we have good partnerships where we work to lift each other, and ensure that together we deliver the best lock and digital key solutions on the market. We are so lucky to have fantastic partners and customers with us on our journey, including OBOS, Schibsted, AF Gruppen, Helthjem, Norgeseliten, Låssenteret, Vrio, Danalock and Futurehome.

We are now on our way out into the world and have already taken international steps, which means that we expect great international growth in the months and years to come.

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