Intelligence Analyst - Vessel Technology

Intelligence Analyst - Vessel Technology

In your role as Intelligence Analyst - Vessel Technology you will be our subject matter expert (SME) on IT and OT (Operational Technology) systems onboard vessels, drilling rigs and similar movable units. You are familiar with the most common IT and OT systems and networks onboard vessels, such as bridge systems, propulsion and machinery and communication systems. 

You will evaluate vulnerabilities in IT and OT systems onboard vessels, and together with the intelligence team assess how threat actors may impact the operations by exploiting these. You will prepare notification to our members on relevant vulnerabilities. In the event of cyber incidents related to our members, you will participate in incident response and crisis management. 

You will play a key role in communication with our members related to cyber security onboard vessels. 

Your office will be in the NORMA Cyber Resilience Center in Oslo, with flexibility regarding the use of home office or remote location. 

Desired background: 

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in cybernetics, or other maritime technical education  
  • Chief Engineer/Engineer, Technical Superintendent or other relevant maritime background with experience with ship systems 
  • Experience from work within a shipowner or ship management company 
  • Fluent in both English and Norwegian

Applicants should hold or qualify for a security clearance up to minimum HEMMELIG. 

Om arbeidsgiveren

The Norwegian Maritime Cyber Resilience Centre - NORMA Cyber, will start operations on 1. January 2021. NORMA Cyber will deliver centralised cyber security services to Norwegian shipowners and other entities within the Norwegian maritime sector. The centre is a joint effort between Den Norske Krigsforsikring for Skib (DNK) and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association (NSA), and will operate at a non-profit basis. NORMA Cyber aims to be the leading hub for operational cyber security efforts within the Norwegian maritime sector and is expected to expand. The centre will deliver a wide variety of cyber security services for its members within intelligence, security operations and crisis response. This new centre will collaborate closely with the already existing Intelligence & Operations Centre (IOC) at DNK and the Contingency Preparedness department at NSA.

The DNK and NSA member base consists of 420 Norwegian ship owners and operators –controlling 3400 vessels, drilling rigs and similar movable units.

The NORMA Cyber Intelligence team is responsible for providing strategic, operational and tactical cyber threat intelligence in order to support our members operations and planning. We collect information from open and closed sources, related to threats and vulnerabilities that may impact IT and OT systems onboard vessels.?

In the event of cyber incidents related to our members we provide incident response and crisis?management services.

All positions will play a key role in building the NORMA Cyber Resilience Centre. NORMA Cyber have the ambition to use the latest technology to discover and mitigate cyber threats towards the maritime industry. Machine learning and cloud technology will be used to augment intelligence analytics.

We are seeking candidates that are social and self-driven, have a high degree of integrity and are creative but systematic.

NORMA Cyber offers a competitive compensation package.

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