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Ducky has spent the last five years developing an innovative climate engagement tool and a cutting-edge climate calculator. We work closely with some of the best sustainability researchers in the world and have influential companies such as IKEA, Yara, ING, and Elkjøp on our pay list.

We are now looking for a Climate Data Expert to join our Data group to work on our next big project - an automated citizen carbon footprint calculator, to be developed in collaboration with Asplan Viak and TietoEvry. Core to this is creating a citizen portal to map out our regional carbon footprint from a consumption-based perspective and update the portal based on aggregated data from banks, energy companies, and public registers.

We're doing this because we need full emissions data in order to have a realistic chance of reducing our global emissions to meet UN targets. If this sounds interesting, read on!

The position

As a climate data expert, your job is to help collect and structure statistical and environmental data, as well as designing the framework necessary to calculate reliable carbon footprints. You will collaborate with Ducky’s development team to help develop a tool that is as accurate as possible, as well as documenting and communicating about climate data.

Is this you?

  • You are a numbers person and are comfortable handling large data sets and performing statistical analyses.
  • You are independent, analytical, and structured, and enjoy digging into the details.
  • You have a master’s degree in science or technology and are comfortable evaluating data sources and research papers.
  • You are interested in taking research and applying it to creating products for the greater good.
  • You are passionate about sustainability and have a background in industrial ecology or similar fields.
  • You have some programming and/or model development experience. 
  • You have good communication skills. 
  • You are a team player who enjoys collaborating with and learning from people with a different skill set than you.

Your responsibility and tasks as a climate data expert

  • Gather and structure data relevant to the Ducky products, such as statistics, habit data, and/or climate data from IO analysis and LCA.
  • Develop calculator logic and communicate with the software development team about how to implement it.
  • Assist sales and marketing with technical content for relevant customers.
  • Distribute and communicate climate data knowledge both internally and externally.
  • Write clear documentation of our calculator and products.
  • Help quality assures Ducky’s outward research-based content.
  • Contribute to data analysis.
  • Bring the whole you to work! Maybe you enjoy writing, training colleagues or dabble in code? You are free to join other expert groups/projects and use your skills to the fullest

We can offer you:

  • Colleagues that are forward-thinking and bold
  • A work environment where we believe in you - both as an expert and a human!
  • Meaningful tasks and cutting-edge technology
  • Great lunches!
  • 1 hour daily self-development time
  • Flexible work hours and place. You work when and where you work best, as long as you collaborate well with others
  • Fixed self-set salary, pension, insurance, and holiday agreements, including 5 weeks vacation and flexibility to take periods of unpaid leave
  • You become a leader and can have a significant influence on how we operate
  • An engaging, loving, and growing workplace with around 25 colleagues, mostly in Norway, but some working remotely from U.K. and France. 
  • Looooots of nationalities and an amazing culture where we are all leaders! :) 

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Om arbeidsgiveren

Ducky offer the world’s most sophisticated carbon emissions reduction platform, which let organizations quickly and easily set up challenges for their employees, students and customers. We provide a full suite of tools to help individuals, organizations and schools monitor, learn about and improve their carbon footprint.

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