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Anyone can create a Digital Twin, however, to realize the Digital Twin using open, public available, and international standards to improve data exchange, sharing, and archiving processes, is the Jotne way. These capabilities are paramount for any successful Digital Transformation of Industrial Data allowing customers to use the Digital Twin in the supply chain and over the life cycle and is the only way to establish reusable and scalable solutions. You will be working with the most interesting projects and researchers to remove barriers.

What we are looking for:

As we are moving ahead in the digitalization path, there is an increase in demands for key resources. Jotne is looking for enthusiastic, ambitious and creative minds that are adaptable, willing to explore digital & innovative trends of Digital Twins and Industry 4.0 in collaboration with international market leaders, and be a game changer for propelling our company ahead.

We see an increase for our business and need you on our team. We have several upcoming projects and need new colleagues to help us adapt our products to meet the future in engineering.

We are currently looking for a Project leader, Software Engineer and Full Stack Developer.

Project leader (Commercial or Technical)

We are looking for a Project leader who can lead the use of our Digital Twin applications in customer solutions, who is passionate about new technology and enjoys working in teams.

What you will do:

You will manage international data exchange, sharing and archival projects with focus to satisfy our customers and to meet both technical and commercial project objectives.

·        Project management and coordination with internal and external clients.

·        Concept development and follow-up of project progress.

·        Planning and executing functional, operational and technical requirements as per project needs.

·        Proactive to identify challenges, risks, best practices for improvement and contribute to continuous growth to enhance the execution and handling of current and upcoming projects.

Your role and responsibilities:

·        The main responsibility will be to execute projects and further develop the market position for Jotne’s software applications.

·        You will get acquainted with ISO standards and data models such as STEP ISO 10303, AP 209/242, PLCS.

·        Work closely with external customers and development teams to meet their business requirements.

Who we are looking for:

·        A Master’s degree in a relevant field or equivalent experience.

·        Experience in leading projects for more than 3 years.

·        Project management skills and demonstrable experience with handling customer requirements.

·        Exhibit good leadership and organizational skills and motivated for working independently as well as in teams efficiently.

·        Experience with Cloud technologies.

·        Hands on with engineering tools such as CAD, CAE or PLM tools etc.

·        Excellent communication skills and proficiency in a Scandinavian language.

·        Curious, ambitious, and analytical.

Software Engineer

We are looking for a Software Engineer for our DT/PLM/SDM applications.

What you will do:

·        You will work with programming environments like C#, C++ and/or JAVA and its web related frameworks.

·        Solution design and development in the cloud environment.

·        Opportunity to work on real time use cases based on IoT, AI and Machine Learning frameworks in collaboration with our international customers from R&D and commercial projects.

Your role and responsibilities:

You will be responsible for EDMtruePLM or EDMopenSimDM software development as per project requirements.

·        Design, develop and test our DT products EDMtruePLM and EDMopenSimDM.

·        Build and execute test cases for regression, production and unit testing, based on system requirements.

·        Debug and fix software bugs.

·        Manage bugs and issues using collaboration tools such as Github and JIRA.

·        Document code, tests and software installation guides for future reference.

Who we are looking for:

·        A Master’s degree in a relevant field or equivalent experience.

·        Experience with engineering databases and application development within PLM, LCI, CAD, CAE and BIM.

·        Experience from Cloud solutions like Azure and AWS.

·        Interested in Object-Oriented approaches and data models (experience with STEP ISO 10303 will be an advantage).

·        Ability to operate and sustain in a R&D and quickly changing environment.

·        Fluent in English and in a Scandinavian language.

·        Curious, team-player, ambitious and analytical.


Full Stack Developer

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer who will be a key player in developing our core product EXPRESS Data Manager (EDM) in all its stages of development.

What you will do:

·        You will work in complex software systems solutions and contribute in tools and database development, whereas you will find challenges in compilers, APIs, web-services, high-performance read/write/validations, memory management and server scalability.

·        You will be actively involved in tasks related to Digitalization, such as AI, IoT and Machine learning for our multi-disciplinary research projects.

Your role and responsibilities:

·        Maintain an existing code base of an ISO 10303 compliant, object-oriented database management system.

·        Analyze requirements to design solutions for new features and functionalities.

·        Design and develop highly scalable, and maintainable code.

·        Design and develop system database schemas and RESTful API interfaces.

·        Thoroughly test new functionalities and existing systems.

·        Ensure cross-platform optimization and responsiveness of applications.

·        Good organizational skills, meeting technical and consumer needs.

·        Collaborate with developers and stakeholders.

Who we are looking for:

·        A BSc/Master’s degree in relevant field or equivalent experience.

·        Experience with any of the following: Cloud technologies, software development methodologies, docker containers, certificates, scripting languages.

·        Proficiency with server side languages, database technology and front end languages.

·        Interested in Object Oriented approaches and data models (experience with STEP ISO 10303 will be an advantage).

·        Good problem-solving skills.

·        Curious, team-player and ambitious.

·        Ability to work independently and on a cross-functional team.

Om arbeidsgiveren

Jotne’s Profile

Jotne EPM Technology AS is headquartered in Oslo and supported by a team of high-end multifaceted engineer experts in mechanical, software and building domains. We belong to the Jotne group of companies, within engineering and real estate business. Jotne delivers open and standardized information management solutions used by our customers within aerospace, defense, space (ASD) and built environment industries for almost 25 years, for different engineering domains such as CAD, CAE, PLM, simulation, testing and manufacturing. These Digital Twin solutions include our main ASD products; EDMtruePLM and EDMopenSimDM.

Ongoing Projects:

Jotne is involved in multiple projects where Digital Twins, data interoperability and data traceability are the key solutions. Many of these projects are R&D EU projects such as Change2Twin, Arrowhead Tools and KYKLOS 4.0; others are commercial projects with customers such as the European Space Agency and Lockheed Martin.
For more details about ongoing projects, please, have a look at the following links:
•Change2Twin: www.change2twin.eu
•Arrowhead Tools: www.arrowhead.eu
•KYKLOS 4.0: www.kyklos40project.eu
•DAIS: www.kyklos40project.eu

•Full webinar here: https://events.webcast.no/jotne/kHIxlbiRjOtAPAQkYHlx/3wjNHNDNhuZhHo6OxuPl

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