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R&D engineer

As a member of our R&D team you will always meet new challenges to overcome, and every day is different.

 Some of the tasks you may find yourself doing at TAG Sensors: 

  • Product development: Join us in shaping the next product generation from idea to implementation at the customer.
  • Hardware design and prototyping: Design and prototype electronic devices on a schematic and component level. We are working closely with some of the worlds largest chip manufacturers to always be at the cutting edge.
  • Radio and antenna development: Design and tune antennas for our wireless sensors.
  • Battery and power optimization: Power optimize our sensor devices to further increase performance and lower cost. You may find yourself working hand-in-hand with large global battery manufacturers to find the optimal solutions.
  • Wireless technologies: Work with the newest wireless technologies like NFC, RFID, Bluetooth and cellular networks.
  • Embedded programming: Write production or proof-of-concept firmware for microcontrollers and other embedded platforms. 
  • Certification, compliance and testing: We have customers all over the globe. This means there are a lot of certifications and safety standards to mind. You will ensure our products are up to the required standards and contribute to the certification process.



We are mainly looking for candidates who has a 3- or 5-year technical degree and experience with electronics and product development.

You should have good knowledge of electronic circuits, hardware design and sensor technology.

Experience with common eCAD/CAD software, basic programming skills and knowledge of common lab- and test-equipment are big advantages.

Proficiency in English, both written and spoken, is a requirement.

Practical experience may in some cases outweigh the required formal education.

Desired personal qualities:

  • Professional interest and eagerness to learn
  • Creative and solution oriented with problem solving skills
  • Good cooperation and communication skills
  • Systematic and analytical
  • Professional in dealing with partners and customers from all over the world

For more information or questions please contact us

Om arbeidsgiveren

At TAG Sensors we develop and manufacture temperature sensor devices for cold chain monitoring of goods from producer to consumer. Through our solution, customers get full control of temperature sensitive goods like frozen food and pharmaceuticals. Our R&D team is located at our HQ in Mo I Rana, Norway, where we also house our production line. Due to increased activity we need to expand our team with more R&D engineers to strengthenincrease our capabilities developing tomorrows products.

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