Looking for an extremely driven individual to lead our Recruitment initiative

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Head of Recruitment

Have you ever felt like you’ve noticed a pattern in the customer service field — that the services offered were just suboptimal in one way or another, and you felt like you knew the ‘root’ of the problem? Have you ever had a desire to take control of things — whole industries, even — and turn them on their head, improving the way things work? And have you ever questioned why more and more services and entire organisations don’t operate online, given the reality of today’s digital world? If this sounds like you, then you might just be the person we’re looking for to join our team, as our Head of Recruitment - Norway.

We at Synega are looking for an extremely driven individual to join our team. We are a quickly-accelerating consulting startup with a proof of concept of our mission statement, having onboarded over 1,000 clients to date. Synega began with accounting services, then started adding on new services, and now that we are expanding our service offering also to include recruiting and staffing, we need a dedicated Head of Recruitment to take on the responsibility of overseeing this new service offering as our product scales. 

Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Taking charge of and overseeing the efficient and profitable development and operation of Synega’s Recruitment service offering in Norway. This role is the first-in-command responsible for providing strategic direction and creating a vision for success.
  • The leadership of day-to-day management of the Recruitment branch’s business, setting and implementation of Synega’s objectives and operational decisions.
  • Working closely in collaboration with Synega’s executive team to develop and maintain effective strategic plans to grow and maximize objectives.
  • Ensuring quality outcomes, volume growth, revenue cycle optimization and labour efficiencies, and making decisions to enhance these (hereunder the decision to hire, expand resources, pursue alternative market strategies or objectives, etc.)
  • Maintaining oversight of the Recruitment branch’s financial profitability and reporting to our country manager on a regular basis.
  • Developing and Facilitating planning; coordinating the sustainability of the Recruitment branch’s strategy.

Necessary Qualifications:

  • Highly motivated and self-driven; curious, with an innovative mindset geared toward the future. You should really burn for changing the future and being a part of something great, so that working with a startup is perfect for you.
  • Educational background in business, engineering, or a related field.
  • Cross-functional experience working with technology, business development and marketing would be a huge asset. Excellent business acumen is a must.
  • Experience with business development is highly preferred.
  • Experience in the recruitment consulting industry is an absolute must.
  • Analytical and strategic mindset; able to analyze market data and develop strategies.
  • Adaptable and willing to learn, work well under pressure and can quickly pivot according to necessity; able to wear multiple hats on the same day.
  • Excellent at time management in a remote work environment; able to perform duties remotely.
  • Good working skills in Norwegian and English language.
  • Work-life balance - take time out for your family, friends, and personal interests

Om arbeidsgiveren

We at Synega are joined by a common purpose. After doing business for many years, in different industries, we realized a common theme: That the services on offer today are too often lacking in quality, and their ways of working failing to catch up to global trends.

We believe that businesses are increasingly on the lookout for better talent, of more specialized skills and knowledge, able to provide them with more personalized services at better affordability. Simultaneously, consultants are looking for improved quality of life through a better work-life balance and a career that allows them to be in control of their own work. We simply believe in connecting them.

Synega brings consulting into the twenty-first century by opening businesses to the world of outstanding service possibilities, making possible a more individually-tailored service by top-tier professionals, all at more competitive prices - simply by eliminating geography as a factor in the service offering.

At Synega, our aim is to power clients with the best services the world has to offer. Finding the ultimate synergies between consultants and clients, wherever they happen to be.

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