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Sevendof is a startup in Trondheim focused on building the drone infrastructure of the future. Our mission is to make drones a safe and positive tool to help solve important problems in a scalable manner.

We are now hiring several new engineers who wish to help us build the future of industrial drones.

For all our positions, we require the following:

  • Higher education within Computer Science, Robotics, Electronics or related field
  • Passion and motivation for solving complex tasks
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently on challenging tasks
  • Drive to challenge yourself and learn

Open Position #1: Electronics Engineer (FILLED)

Each of our drone vehicles consists of a range of on-board systems, involving various nodes for sensing, compute, control, and communication. As an Electronics Engineer, you will design and implement electronic systems for our drone vehicles and drone stations.

Required skills:

  • Experience with designing circuit schematics and PCB layouts using EDA tools such as Altium Designer
  • Experience with PCB assembly, including reflow soldering, SMD rework, and inspection
  • Structured and systematic workflow with experience in writing, tracking, and testing against requirements

Preferred skills:

  • Experience with design of digital, analog, and high power circuits, including motor control and power electronics
  • Experience with developing for compliance with CE related standards
  • Experience with EMC testing and qualification
  • Experience with safety critical and redundant system design and analysis
  • Experience with thermal management
  • Experience with circuit simulation using tools such as SPICE
  • Experience in designing with larger microcontrollers and processors
  • Experience with troubleshooting, repair and bodging techniques
  • Rudimentary understanding of semiconductor physics
  • Rudimentary experience with high speed digital communication design, RF systems, and noise issues

Open Position #2: Embedded Software Engineer

As an Embedded Software Engineer, your responsibility will be to develop software for embedded systems in our drone platform. This involves enabling a set of custom systems in our drone vehicles to perform their tasks and to interact with each other, and to set up and perform the necessary testing of these systems.

Required skills:

  • Solid knowledge of C and C++ and their use in embedded contexts
  • Experience developing software for 32-bit microcontrollers
  • Demonstrated ability to create production-quality software

Preferred skills:

  • Experience with power electronics and 3-phase motor control
  • Experience with writing safety-critical code
  • Experience with Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • Experience with real-time operating systems such as Zephyr or NuttX
  • Experience with configuring embedded Linux distributions using e.g. Yocto/OpenEmbedded
  • Experience with developing or configuring embedded bootloaders such as U-Boot
  • Experience with configuration of board support packages and device trees
  • Experience with interfaces such as I²C, SPI, CAN, and Ethernet
  • Experience with integration of camera sensors (MIPI CSI-2/GMSL)
  • Experience with time synchronization using hardware signals and PTP
  • Experience with debugging using remote GDB, logic analyzers, packet analyzers, oscilloscopes etc.

Open Position #3: Front-End Engineer

As a Front-End Engineer, you will build web applications for ordering and coordinating drone missions, visualizing telemetry and mission data, as well as administering our drone platform.

Required skills:

  • Experience developing modern and performant web applications
  • Experience with modern front-end frameworks
  • Ability to implement web designs from mockups

Preferred skills:

  • Experience with UX design
  • Experience with REST API usage
  • Experience with Server Sent Events
  • Experience with back-end technologies
  • Experience with video streaming
  • Experience with OAuth2
  • Experience with 3D visualization & GIS technologies

Open Position #4: Back-End Engineer

As a Back-end Engineer, you will build the infrastructure necessary for ordering, planning and coordinating drone missions, as well as managing our drone platform. Your work will be to build and maintain scalable and high-availability services for mission critical systems.

Required skills:

  • Experience designing and implementing REST endpoints
  • Experience with Java Spring
  • Experience with Python Flask
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases

Preferred skills:

  • Experience with RabbitMQ
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience with CI/CD tooling
  • Experience with the OpenAPI specification and tooling
  • Experience with PostGIS
  • Experience with Server Sent Events
  • Experience with time series databases

Open Position #5: Robotics Software Engineer

As a Robotics Software Engineer your responsibilities will be to develop and maintain software for autonomous drone vehicles and drone stations, as well as software used for simulation of drone missions.

Required skills:

  • Experience with C++ development including C++11
  • Experience with Linux development toolchain (GCC, Clang, Git, CMake, etc.)
  • Experience with Linux as a development environment

Preferred skills:

  • Experience with developing safety critical software for real-time environments
  • Experience with cross-compilation of C++ from a Linux host to a Linux target
  • Experience with Robot Operating System (ROS) including catkin
  • Experience with IPC and serialization libraries such as Protobuf
  • Experience with CUDA or OpenCL
  • Experience with scripting languages such as Python
  • Experience with unit testing and mocking frameworks such as GTest/GMock
  • Experience with debugging and profiling tools such as gdb and Valgrind

Om arbeidsgiveren

Sevendof is a startup in Trondheim focused on building the drone infrastructure of the future. We seek to make drones available as a service to help solve problems such as inspection, mapping, and search and rescue.

To accomplish this, we're building a network of stations housing long-range drones capable of carrying out missions automatically, without humans in the field. With Sevendof's drone infrastructure, different users will be able to use the same drones to solve different use-cases, which will allow us to improve the availability and reduce operational costs for each user.

Ultimately, our mission is to make drones a safe and positive tool to help solve important problems in a scalable manner.

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robotics, cybernetics, drones, autonomy, software

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