Senior HR-Specialist

Senior HR-Specialist

Do you recognize yourself in the words drive, care and innovation? Keep reading, we are looking for you with years of experience in HR and a can-do attitude! Do you want to build the HR of tomorrow?

Dine arbeidsoppgaver

This is a highly independent role where you’re encouraged to develop yourself and your ideas. If you want to be able to change the HR processes of tomorrow – this is it. You’ll be working closely with the HR teams and large organisations in the Nordics. Your essential part here is being an advisor, sharing your knowledge from previous HR transformations and discovering how you can help others improve their workplace. 

  • Work side by side with the Nordic team to qualify customer needs, define appropriate solutions and develop value propositions.
  • Assist with the development of business cases and value propositions.
  • Conduct demonstrations and presentations to customers, partners and prospects.
  • Understand, utilise and communicate best practice methodologies and industry standards in employee experience – both internally and externally.
  • Bring an element of Wow into our dialogue with the customer.
  • Own the development of the solution proposition and obtain agreement for that solution with the customer.
  • Provide leadership, direction and implementation of value delivery to the customer on key strategic complex projects.
  • Drive, in close collaboration with the Nordic and the global teams, the design & productization of our end-to-end Nordic employee experience solutions.

Om Selskapet

The company was founded in Oslo in January 2000 after a news article sparked the idea for a feedback platform to bring better insight to business. 

“The environment is well suited to individuals who thrive when given the autonomy to pursue their personal goals and ambitions within the context of a team-based culture. Employees are often required to step outside of their roles to assist all areas of the business and encouraged to collaborate with colleagues to create a cohesive and innovative environment. The experience we provide to our clients is always our guiding star.”

More information will be given at any interview.

Din profil

  • Relevant experience in HR, preferably in leadership roles
  • Experience in change management and preferably cross-border cooperation
  • Excellent communication skills both in English and Norwegian
  • Be able to conceptualise complicated topics and present them in an understandable and inspiring way
  • Have a can-do attitude and is able to deliver
  • Takes ownership of things and follows through
  • Have high level of energy, drive and persistence


Location: Oslo

Working hours: 8-16

Salary: Fixed salary

Om oss

Fremtiden AS is there because the world need more good companies. We provide staff to companies and at the same time we provide jobs to people. We live by our core values ??that are - joy, simplicity and drive! We specialize in recruiting Young Talents, people who are at the beginning of their careers, to the right company. Fremtiden AS was established in Oslo 2018 and is found in seven cities in Sweden under the name Framtiden AB and is one of Sweden's fastest growing companies. Fremtiden works with both staffing and recruitment, and our idea is to reduce the distance between education and working life. We do what we call - helping our customers to a better future through the staff we communicate.

If you have any questions regarding this position please contact Michelle Bakstad at 904 96 802.

Om arbeidsgiveren

Fremtiden AS er til for at verden behøver flere bra firmaer. Vi leverer personale til firmaer og samtidig gir vi jobb til mennesker. Vi lever etter våre kjerneverdier som er Glede, Enkelhet og Kjør! Vi er spesialister på rekruttering av Unge Talenter, dvs. personer som er i begynnelsen av sin karriere, til rett firma. Fremtiden AS ble etablert i Oslo 2018 og er i dag i sterk vekst med kunder over hele Sør-Norge. Vi finnes også i åtte byer i Sverige under navnet Framtiden AB og er et av Sveriges raskest voksende firmaer.

Fremtiden jobber med både bemanning og rekruttering, og vår idé er å redusere avstanden mellom utdannelsen og arbeidslivet. Vi gjør det vi heter – hjelper våre kunder til en bedre fremtid gjennom personalet vi formidler.

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HR, organisasjonsutvikling og rekruttering
HR, personal og rekruttering

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