Sales Representive in Norway

Sales Representive

We need a Sales Representive that are “hungry & keen”. You must be prepared to work very hard but in return you have all possibilities to create your own future.

Within Duwel Group, Norway is the country that has the highest potential for growth so we expect you will play a big role in our wish to continue our expansion.

You will report direct to the Sales Director of Duwel Group.

There will be daily support from the head office in Sweden (inside sales). Both the Sales Director and the Managing Director, as well as suppliers, will travel to Norway on a frequent basis.

We are constantly trying to developing our sales process, our working methods and testing new methods. In Duwel Group, everyone in our team are equal important and we expect that your input will help us to continue to improve.

Your Profile

-         “Personality”

We expect you to have a high work ethic and that you are able to represent Duwel in best possible way. Live up to provide our customer and suppliers service in DUWEL CLASS !

You have an ambition to take a leading role in Duwel Group in the future.

-         You as a seller

You are pro-active, able to work independent and in a structured way

You know that they key to sales are to build up long term relationship and create a win-win outcome for both parties.

-         Experience

You have minimum 5 years successfully track record from B2B sales.

You are able to manage the entire sales process, from planning and implementation to follow-up.

Experience from the Hydro and/or Marine market would be an extra plus

-         Fluent in English

A must, will be part of daily work to communicate with our suppliers



Location preferably in the Møre og Romsdal fylke


Salary & commission

-         Fixed salary in the range of “TBD” - Open for discussion.

-         Commission & Bonus system


Looking forward to receive your application “today”, starting date as soon as possible

Tommy Holmgren, Sales Director                    


+46 70 – 549 90 39

Om arbeidsgiveren

DUWEL Group provides high quality environmental products only from suppliers that we believe in and we strive to ensure our partners are getting the best solution.
DUWEL’s business is based on building long-term relationships with our customers to become their partner, rather than “just” being a supplier.
We always try to ensure that our partners get honest and knowledgeable advice for their needs. If our products aren’t right for the application we will not make an offer - our reputation and relationships are more important to us than individual sales.
Partnering with DUWEL not only ensures excellent technical and environmental solutions but you can also expect a little more, something extraordinary that will exceed your expectations.
We call it "DUWEL CLASS"

Duwel Group are still a quite small company but we expect to continue our growth. We have gone from 2-3 persons to close to 10 persons in just a few years.
Total turnover for Duwel Group 2020 is expected to be approximate 3 000 000 Euro.
We expect to increase our turnover and number of staff during the next years. Our product range are better than good and the “timing” is right. Products are technical & quality in the top range and the “market trend” helps us (new environmental friendly rules etc.).

Duwel Group consist of:
•Duwel Sweden AB - Head office
•Duwel UK Ltd
•Duwel Norway AS
•Duwel Finland Oy

Marine industry
The largest market (offshore, oil & gas, owners, yards, design offices, OEM)

Hydro industry
In Norway there is a big potential in growth for this market as we can offer an environmentally friendly solution (water or dry) as well as we can supply complete “systems”

Renewable Industry
The projects for this market are not so many but instead has a very large potential. We are one of the leading bearing supplier for this kind of applications.
“General” Industry

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