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About Picterus AS

Picterus is a small, fast-moving medical technology startup founded in Trondheim, Norway, in 2015. We believe in developing highly advanced low cost technologies that can have a large impact throughout the world. At Picterus we have a bold ambition: to eliminate jaundice in newborns as a global health problem, and we are collaborating with researchers and clinicians all over the world to help us with this mission.

We are a growing startup using biophysics and machine learning based solutions to tackle a large global health issue. We have developed an app based system that can screen for jaundice in newborns, potentially saving the lives of more than 100,000 newborns each year. We have won several awards for our innovative jaundice app, most notably the DNB Healthcare prize. 

In addition, we have recently received a large EU grant to extend the functionality of this system and get it out into the world. We are now interested in growing the development team with new passionate employees.

  • https://www.innovasjonnorge.no/no/om/nyheter/2019/to-norske-bedrifter-far-mye-mer-enn-de-ba-om-fra-eu/ (Article on the EU grant in Norwegian)
  • https://picterus.com

About our technical stack

We work mostly with open source technologies and open standards. This covers a wide range of disciplines, and we do not expect you to have experience in all fields.


  • flutter for UI, native layer camera management, and OpenAPI backend client
  • java/kotlin and Objective-C for camera streaming plugin on Android/iOS
  • C++ and OpenCV shared code for camera stream processing and card detection


  • python/flask REST API server generated from OpenAPI spec, Let’s Encrypt for TLS.
  • GCP storage and SQLAlchemy+alembic for MySQL
  • gRPC for communication w/jaundice estimation engine
  • python/numpy for jaundice estimation engine
  • redis for distributed precomputation and result caching


  • GitLab for CI/CD. I.e. automatic testing and deployment, but also used for git repos, code reviews and issue management.
  • Kubernetes on GKE for deployment of services, and load balancing
  • docker/helm for containerization of deployments and version management
  • prometheus and grafana for metrics

About you and the job to be done:

We are seeking a passionate and dedicated developer to join our growing tech team. The tech stack mentioned suggests a wide range of possible candidates and disciplines that could be of interest. And although any experience in these fields is desirable, there are some particular aspects where our current workload could benefit from outside skill and knowledge.

App development and design.

  • Development/rewrite necessary to properly manage i18n and localization, as well as improved state management.
  • Implement and UX-design new features such as a clinical decision support for different severity levels of jaundice
  • Development and management of app-releases, user testing, and QA.
  • Extend lower level C++ layer to encompass more of the jaundice estimation engine work

Infrastructure and development

  • We expect significant increase in users and infrastructure challenges 
  • Automatic scaling of services and computation power. 
  • Improved monitoring. Implement alerting, and log aggregation.
  • Backend/microservice for calibration card management and validation.

Jaundice detection algorithms

  • Machine learning algorithms can be highly suitable for certain tasks
  • Computer vision and image processing
  • Numerical simulations and statistical analysis
  • Convert python solution to C++. This is primarily for moving the jaundice estimation engine to the handheld device for better offline support.

The applicant should in addition to being a good software developer, be interested in having a positive impact on the world. The applicant must be fluent in English. Relevant experience would be highly appreciated, but is not required. The specific tasks and work title would be tailored to the candidates interests, experiences and skills.

What we offer:

A chance to work with a technology that could have a significant impact in global health and potentially save thousands of newborns from dying. 

Work with ground breaking technology that could set a new standard of smartphone based medical diagnostics.

The opportunity to continue developing your skills through internal and external competence building.  

A positive and open work environment where initiatives and creativity are encouraged.

Stock options and benefits.

Semi flexible working hours and a strong impact on your work assignments.

Monthly social activities with the team. 


Language: Applications and CV's can be written in both English and Norwegian.

Picterus encourage applicants from all nationalities. Working language in the tech-team is English. We also strongly encourage female applicants to have a better gender balance in the company.

To apply to this position, please write an application stating why you are interested in working with us, and why you believe you are a good fit for our company. In addition, please attach your CV.

Start date: Flexible.

Deadline for application: March 31st

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