Sevendof is hiring a Flight Operations Manager

Sevendof AS
Flight Operations Manager

Sevendof is a startup in Trondheim focused on building the drone infrastructure of the future. We seek to make drones available as a service to businesses for purposes such as inspection, mapping, and search and rescue. Sevendof will operate a network of long-range drones which are stationed in the field, enabling missions to be carried out automatically.

We are now hiring a Flight Operations Manager who will be directly responsible for Sevendof's flight operations and regulatory compliance. You will work closely with our development team to facilitate the scaling of our automated drone operations.


  • Maintaining and upgrading Sevendof’s Operations Manual.
  • Establish company compliance with EU Commission Delegated Regulation 2019/945 & Commission Implementing Regulation 2019/947.
  • Coordinating regulatory compliance activities with the Norwegian CAA.
  • Coordinating and executing Sevendof test- and commercial flights as pilot in command, including contact with external stakeholders such as customer representatives and property owners.
  • Overseeing required operational reporting, such as the issuance of NOTAMs and National Security Authority notices.
  • Develop a scalable operational framework for Sevendof’s remote flight operations.
  • Coordinating the integration of Sevendof’s operational framework with Sevendof’s IT system to aid the automation of drone mission fulfilment.

Required skills

  • Safety-first mindset
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Norwegian or international drone pilot certificate
  • Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate
  • Drivers license, class B

Preferred skills

  • Fluency in written and spoken Norwegian
  • EASA LAPL, PPL, CPL, or similar license
  • Drivers licence, class BE
  • HSE course
  • Experience with piloting drones with an MTOM greater than 25 kg
  • Experience as pilot in command for BLOS flights
  • Technical knowledge within cybernetics and software

What we offer

  • Exciting and challenging tasks. You will not be bored.
  • A highly motivated and passionate team
  • Freedom to influence your tasks
  • Market competitive compensation
  • Norwegian drone pilot certificate
  • Included gym membership and unlimited coffee at the FAKTRY incubator

Om arbeidsgiveren

Sevendof is building the drone infrastructure of the future. We seek to make drones available as a service to help solve problems such as inspection, mapping, and search and rescue.

To accomplish this, we're building a network of stations housing long-range drones capable of carrying out missions automatically, without humans in the field. With Sevendof's drone infrastructure, different users will be able to use the same drones to solve different use-cases, which will allow us to improve the availability and reduce operational costs for each user.

Our mission is to make drones a safe and positive tool to help solve important problems in a scalable manner.

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