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Ducky has been developing an innovative climate engagement tool and a cutting-edge climate calculator over the last five years. We are working closely with some of the best sustainability researchers in the world, and have got some of the largest influential companies already on our pay list, like IKEA, Yara, ING, Elkjøp to mention some.

Ducky is organized as a flat organization where everyone is a leader working towards our common purpose: A sustainable humanity. This is highly inspired by the teal model from the book Reinventing Organizations and we are constantly iterating on the model to adjust to our changing needs. One of your main tasks will be to stay up to date on our practices and enable us to grow and spread this culture as we establish new offices in national and international markets.  

We are looking for an experienced office coordinator to join us full-time, to organize and coordinate administration duties and office procedures from our offices in Trondheim. Your role will be to create and maintain a pleasant work environment, ensuring high levels of organizational effectiveness, communication and safety.

Is this you?

  • Self driven with relevant work experience as a coach and office administration,
  • Strong organizational and planning skills in a fast-paced environment,
  • A demonstrated ability to guide and train people,
  • Fluent in english with good written skills,
  • Wants to work from our office in Trondheim, Norway,
  • Great communication skills and an ability to create and maintain relevant networks,
  • Accurate, professional, efficient and friendly,
  • Strong interest and curiosity for self managed organizations, 
  • Interested in traveling to learn and spread the culture to other locations outside our main office in Trondheim,
  • Skilled with digital tools such as GSuite, Asana, Hubspot, TeamTailor and Tripletex,
  • Shares the responsibility with your colleagues to make sure that Ducky is developed and ran in a sustainable way on a day-to-day basis,
  • A great motivator and colleague! :)

Your responsibilities and tasks:

  • Learn about and improve our current organizational model,
  • Help develop and document individual and group coaching/team building exercises for continuous improvement, trust, conflict resolution and work practices,
  • Hire and train new employees in office policies, culture and tools,
  • Create, maintain and train our network of local office coaches in new markets, 
  • Keep tabs on the office culture and make sure that we have what we need to thrive at work,
  • Assist employees in everyday needs outside their normal work such as insurance, benefits, office supplies, etc. 
  • Ensure that health and safety policies are up to date and followed (HSEQ and HR policies)

We can offer you:

  • Full flexibility to do your work,
  • Co-workers that are forward leaning and bold,
  • A work environment where we believe in you – both as an expert and a human!
  • Meaningful tasks and cutting-edge technology
  • Great lunches!
  • Personal development within the field of sustainability. 
  • Flexible work hours and place – you work when and where you work best. 
  • 5 weeks' vacation and flexibility to take periods of unpaid leave. 
  • 6,5 hour workdays.
  • Good salary, pension, insurance and holiday agreements,
  • You become a leader and can significantly influence how we operate. 


Om arbeidsgiveren

Ducky offer the world’s most sophisticated carbon emissions reduction platform, which let organizations quickly and easily set up challenges for their employees, students and customers. We provide a full suite of tools to help individuals, organizations and schools monitor, learn about and improve their carbon footprint.

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