Postdoc position in cancer immunotherapy/molecular biology

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Postdoc position in Cancer Immunotherapy/Molecular Biology
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A senior postdoc position in cancer immunotherapy/molecular biology is available for 2 years, with possibility for extension, from April 1st 2020, in the research group of Dr. Jon Amund Kyte at Dept. of Cancer Immunology (DCI), Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital (OUH).

Project: Development of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy targeting solid tumors.
The postdoc will work in the Kyte research group at the Dept. of Cancer Immunology. The Kyte group has12 members with research background in immunology and medicine. The groupleader Dr. JA  Kyte is also head of the hospitals Department forExperimental Cancer Treatment.


The postdoc will be responsible for design and molecular cloning of novel constructs and testing of their functionality in immune assays. A variety of advanced cellular/molecular immunology technologies will be used. The project requires specific expertise in design and molecular cloning of novel constructs for CAR T cells, as well as immune assays.


Strong research background in molecular biology and cellular immunology, including methods relevant for CAR T cell research.  Ph.D. in immunology/molecular biology and a proven record of research, evidenced by successful publishing in scientific journals. The candidate should have excellent written and oral communication skills (English), and ability to work independently as well as in collaborative research efforts.  

Personell skills

The candidate should have robust practical skills in immunology and molecular biology, including design and molecular cloning of novel CAR constructs, retroviral work and gene editing, cell culture, flow cytometry and T-cell functional assays. Knowledge in development of CAR /TCR cell therapy will be an important asset.
The candidate must be able to work independently and take initiatives.  

We offer

Interesting and high-impact research project, with huge potential for clinical application
An opportunity to acquire cutting edge knowledge within the hot-topic CAR T field
Full-time two-year position, with possibility for extension
Salary according to the OUS salary scale
Favorable pension arrangements Attractive welfare arrangements

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