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Hey, awesome!

Ever crafted code so compelling that Git itself seems to whisper, 'Commit! I – need – to – merge – it'? We’re on the hunt for a developer whose badass code commands attention.

Are you the kind of web developer who finds joy in bending Wordpress to your will, creating themes and plugins that are as unique as they are functional? If you see Wordpress not just as a tool, but as a canvas for digital artistry, we’re looking for you to bring that vision to life at the edge of the world.


Vitikka is an independent digital agency located at the northernmost point of Europe, the North Cape. If you seek an arctic adventure, where climatic challenges combined with demanding projects will test you - we would love to have you join our team locally in the north of Norway – Honningsvåg.


If the following applies to you, and you feel up for the challenge, here’s the skills you bring with you.



  • Thrive in developing top-notch websites and apps within small, agile teams.
  • Excel at crafting custom, inclusive solutions with Wordpress as your core platform.
  • Might bring experience with React Native to the table.
  • Are fluent in modern HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • Have at least two years of hands-on experience in web development.
  • Hold a bachelor's degree in IT or higher.
  • Have a track record of creating Wordpress themes or plugins from the ground up.
  • Expertly integrate with REST APIs and craft efficient AJAX interactions.
  • Are committed to delivering exceptional value to customers, upholding high standards, and maintaining meticulous attention to detail for pixel-perfect results.


Other preferred qualifications:

  • You respect the importance of correct semantics and what needs to be done for a universal design and SEO-friendly website.
  • You're okay with communicating with the clients about their needs.
  • Bugs are tasty, so you try to consume them all before that next Git commit.
  • At Vitikka AS our main language is Norwegian, and we also use English during standup or general discussions. If you don't speak Norwegian that well yet, we want you to learn it, as our clients prefer dialogue in Norwegian.
  • You're capable of dissecting web designs from Sketch/Zeplin/XD/Figma with ease and translating it into awesome code.
  • Native iOS/Android app development with Swift, Kotlin, React Native.
  • Miscellaneous: node, wcag 2.0/2.1, mysql, animations, xml, json, ajax, node, npm/yarn, gulp, webpack, cloud services, git.
  • Up for some foosball or Mario Kart!


We offer:

  • Your choice of technology: PC, Linux, or Mac (most of us prefer Mac).
  • A positive culture with daily standups, foosball breaks, and tight collaboration with designers and other developers.
  • A competitive salary package with 5% pension and comprehensive insurance.
  • Engaging projects across diverse industries, including tourism, aquaculture, consulting, B2B, and beyond.
  • A wide spectrum of tasks involving frontend, backend, testing, deployment, UX design, project management, training, client consulting, SEO, and more.
  • The chance to take on project manager responsibilities.
  • Influence in key company decisions affecting strategy, product development, and business opportunities.
  • A full-time position, working 37.5 hours a week, with the flexibility of core hours from 09 to 15.
  • The flexibility to occasionally work remotely – perfect for extending that cabin getaway without using up all your vacation days.
  • An adventure in the North, complete with the northern lights, midnight sun, unpredictable weather, and stunning landscapes in a tight-knit community.
  • Integration into our local community with support for housing, job opportunities for partners, and involvement in local activities and events.

Living in Honningsvåg offers several financial benefits:

  • Benefit from tax reductions, including a 30.000 kr deduction.
  • Free kindergarten saving up to 36.000 kr a year per children.
  • The possibility of student loan reduction up to 30.000 kr annually.
  • Enjoy household electricity tax exemptions and reduced business fees.
  • Dive into a lively culture rich with festivals, concerts, and active sports communities.
  • Embrace a welcoming community surrounded by captivating natural wonders and a bustling cultural calendar.

We are looking for a Senior Developer, however we are open for talented juniors with the right profile as well.

Please submit your application and CV, including examples of past projects or a portfolio if available. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis, so apply soon to ensure your candidacy is considered early.

Om arbeidsgiveren

Digitalbyrået Vitikka AS ble etablert i 2018 og har siden oppstart hatt mange spennende prosjekter og jevn oppdragsvekst. Økonomien er solid og oppdragsmengden er blitt så stor at det er behov for å utvide utviklerstaben. I det daglige samarbeider Vitikka tett med designbyrået Árvu, Kreativ Industri og Tank Design i Tromsø. Vitikka består i dag av fire ansatte og har også flere samarbeidspartnere i de prosjekter som krever flere hender.

Vi designer og utvikler digitale løsninger som gir reell verdi for kunden og deres målgruppe. Dette gjør vi med finsk sisu og nordnorsk stahet.

Mannen bak Vitikka AS er daglig leder Tommy Gamst Vitikka som har mer enn femten års fartstid fra IT- og designbransjen. Han studerte IT og design på Universitetet i Oslo og har erfaring og spisskompetanse som både programmerer og UX-designer – noe som gir et unikt blikk på helheten i digitale løsninger. Han har sin bakgrunn fra Oslofirmaene Stem Agency, Opera Software, Kantega og Snapper.

Vitikka AS har som mål å ha sunt arbeidsmiljø og drive etter høy etisk standard.
I 2023 ble vi også Miljøfyrtårnsertifisert.

De siste årene har vi levert en rekke webløsninger fra enkle nettsider til nettbutikker, bookingløsninger, interaktive kalkulatorer, skreddersydde søknadsportaler, ulike integrasjoner, animasjoner, m.m.

Blant våre kunder de siste årene kan nevnes:
Big Fish Adventure, Harila AS, Midt-Finnmark Kraftlag, International Sami Film Institute, Entreprenør Harald Nilsen, Floranet AS, Nordkapp Havn, Trasti & Trine, Nordlys rein, Norske Samers Riksforbund, Kystverket, Davvi Siida, Jaro AS, Troms Kraft, NOFI, Davvi Siida, Finnut, Vigør, Cape Marina, Sametinget, Sami Valastallan Lihttu, Svinøya, Tromsø Filmfestival, Kunnskapsbanken Nord-Norge.

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Storgata 16F, 9750 Honningsvåg
Internettbaserte tjenester,
IT - programvare
IT utvikling / Front-end,
IT utvikling / Full stack utvikler,
IT utvikling / Utvikler (generell)


php, html/css/javascript, frontend/backend/fullstack, utvikler/programmerer/developer, wordpress/react-native

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Tommy Gamst Vitikka
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