Ph.d. position in Media and Communication

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Ph.d. position in Media and Communication
Studying the Dynamics of Media and Communication

Kristiania University College is offering a fully funded Ph.D. fellowship in Media and Communication Studies. The successful applicant will be included in a team of researchers with ambitious plans to further develop research and pedagogical activities related to Media and Communication Studies at the university college.

The PhD project should aim to understand changing of media and communication strategies according to the digitalization and changing environment. We search for a candidate with a good academic understanding of media, strategy and business models. Further, the candidate should have an understanding about how new technologies affect practices and the industries of media and communication. Projects within Media and Communication Studies including perspectives such as strategy, management, innovations or business models will be prioritized.

Examples of research questions that could be addressed:
  1. How are digital business models emerging and changing within media and communication?
  2. How is digitalization transferring practices from media and communication into other industries? (A core question within the development labelled “Innovation 4.0”.)
  3. How do traditional media and communication actors react and change as response to the digital revolution?

The position is directed towards people with background within media and communication studies but is also open for applicants with background from business and technology studies.

Currently Kristiania University College does not offer a Ph.D.-programme. Consequently, the selected candidate must be admitted to the Ph.D.-programme of a collaborating university, University of Bergen,  Faculty of Social Sciences. Confirmed admission to this Ph.D. programme must be available at the latest six months after signing the employment contract. To be accepted for this program, it is required with a relevant 180 ECTS bachelor’s degree, and a relevant 120 ECTS master’s degree (or integrated bachelor and master) with minimum 30 ECTS master thesis, and with grade similar to the Norwegian/European grade B or higher in average and for the master thesis.
Because the Norwegian context will constitute (parts of or whole) the empirical field, applicants need to have profficiency in the Norwegian language comparable to level B2/C1 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages. Applicants from outside Scandinavia need to document this with having passed the Bergen-Test.

The application must hold:
  • Motivation letter for the position
  • Approved Diplomas and Transcripts (in Scandinavian or English language)
  • CV
  • At least two references
  • Master thesis
  • A proposal for a research project of five pages that includes a brief overview of the specific issue the applicant wishes to focus on; ideas regarding planned subprojects and how they relate to the overarching goal of the project; reflections on methods and theoretical perspectives. 

Salary is estimated to be between 450,000 and 480,000 NOK a year.
The Ph.D. research fellowship period is 3 years. Working place is School of Communication, Leadership and Marketing. The School is located in downtown Oslo, with numerous amenities, recreational spaces, and urban fun right next door.
Kristiania University College welcomes and encourages applications from diverse backgrounds. Women and persons with minority background are particularly encouraged to apply.

For more information about this position
Please contact Vice-Dean Jens Barland, e-mail: jens.barland@kristiania.no, or phone +47 901 69 580

Application deadline: November 15th 2019.

Only applications that is recieved through our application portal will be considered. 

Om arbeidsgiveren

Høyskolen Kristiania har et spennende utdanningstilbud innen ledelse, organisasjon, markedsføring, kommunikasjon, innovasjon, teknologi, forebyggende helsefag og en rekke kreative fag ? fordelt på campuser i Oslo og Bergen. Vi har i tillegg nettstudier og er en akkreditert høyskole med solid økonomi. Alt overskudd i stiftelsen går tilbake til høyskolen, og blir investert til det beste for studentene. Høyskolen Kristiania er en stiftelse med 10 000 studenter og 500 ansatte. Vi har hatt en formidabel vekst de senere årene, men vi skal videre. Ambisjonen er å bli Norges første arbeidslivsuniversitet, og vi håper du har lyst til å være med på denne reisen.

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