System developer / data manager

NILU - Norsk institutt for luftforskning
System developer / data manager

There is an open position as system developer/data manager at NILU - Norwegian Institute for Air Research. The position is permanent and affiliated to the Department for Atmospheric and Climate Research (ATMOS).

NILU hosts several databases related to atmospheric composition data (air pollution, climate forcers etc) serving various international research and monitoring programs (e.g. http://ebas.nilu.no). Our key motivation is to build solutions that facilitates free and open access of research data. We have an increasing workload related to data curation and development in the European research infrastructure ACTRIS and related to development within the EU Horizon 2020 project ENVRI-FAIR and the Norwegian e-infrastructure project “Norwegian Scientific Data Network.

We are seeking a structured and service oriented person to assist with tasks related to data management and quality control of atmospheric measurements. The position will include various tasks related to archival and dissemination of data provided by various data providers. The candidate will work in a group of scientists together with other programmers. The tasks are primarily:

  • Management of atmospheric observation data, for archival in databases, including quality control
  • System development and operationalization of data flow, including machine-to-machine interfaces for external data and metadata exchange
  • Design and implementation of improved functionality, plotting, automatic tools for quality control etc. 
  • Maintain source code repositories

We look for a candidate who either has a strong educational background in information technology or alternatively has a background in geosciences and can document excellence in relevant IT-oriented work. The ideal candidate would have experience with:

  • Linux/UNIX environments including shell scripts and any higher level scripting languages like python, perl, ruby or similar
  • Data analysis and visualization, using tools like IDL, Matlab, R, or Python (Scipy, Numpy, Matplotlib)
  • Software development techniques, profiling and optimization
  • Use of version control systems
  • Relational databases and interest in index-based solution like Elasticsearch or Solr
  • Some of the following tools:  Python, Flask, Jenkins, Git, Solr SQLite, THREDDS Data Server, OPeNDAP, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Drupal

Candidates should be holding a college or university degree, but relevant work experience can compensate for this. We seek candidates with good collaborative skills and willingness to take responsibility. It will be beneficial if the candidate has interest also in the underlying science and properties of the data types included in our systems, which are originating from a variety of specialized measurement systems. NILU has extensive collaboration with national and international research institutes and universities, and interaction with collaborators internationally is essential.

NILU offers:

  • International environment with colleagues from all over the world, and broad experience and complementary competence
  • An environment for learning with conferences and workshops, international training events for scientific data management
  • Flexible working hours
  • Open source and open access philosophy regarding software and data

Om arbeidsgiveren

NILU is an independent, nonprofit institution established in 1969.
Through its research, NILU increases the understanding of processes and effects of climate change, of the composition of the atmosphere, of air quality and of hazardous substances.
Based on its research, NILU markets integrated services and products within the analytical, monitoring and consulting sectors. NILU is concerned with increasing public awareness about climate change and environmental pollution.

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Forskning, utdanning og vitenskap
IT utvikling / Database,
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Linux-Unix, Data-analysis, Software-development, Version-control, databases

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