Senior Modelling Engineer - Multiphase Fluid Mechanics

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Senior Modelling Engineer

You will work for the Modelling Team which is part of the Research&Development department. The Abbon R&D department is a multidisciplinary environment in which specialists with different technical backgrounds and skills work together to further improve the existing products, models or to develop new concepts, models and products. As a modelling engineer you will focus on the developing of the theoretical and empirical models for the Abbon Multiphase Meter and other research products and concepts. The models will process the input signals and provide the final results which are pressure, temperature and flow rates for our meters. Having a good knowledge of fluid machanics and especially multiphase flow is essential for this role.


Duties and responsibilities:

  • Interpretation model development for Abbon Multiphase Meter and other products
  • Providing technical support for queries received from field engineers
  • Co-operate with customers, field engineers and software engineers for adding new functionalities into the Abbon Client Software
  • Support field Engineers and customers in developing site specific functionalities and models
  • Project management of research projects
  • Professional documentation and reporting



  • Master or PhD Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Physics or Chemical Engineering etc.
  • Academic education and experience in multiphase fluid mechanics and particular in multiphase flow metering is essential for this role.
  • Some knowledge and experience in PVT and fluid phase equilibria is advantageous
  • Experience with data alnalysis and signal processing
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in programming, preferably in MATLAB
  • Some knowledge of Python (including application to machine learning) is a plus


Other competencies:

  • Structured team worker with focus on quality
  • Flexible, high work capacity with multitasking skills
  • High communication skills
  • Fluent in English, verbal and written
  • Be able to estimate work tasks and deliver to agreed timescales
  • Result oriented


Our offer:

  • Be part of a challenging R&D project focusing International clients in the Oil & Gas business
  • Excellent opportunity to join a start up with personal development prospect
  • For the right candidate, a Team Leader position may be considered in near future
  • Competitive compensation package. Flexible working hours

Om arbeidsgiveren

Abbon AS develops multiphase measurement solutions for the oil & gas industry. Our innovative solutions enable oil and gas operators to optimize production and increase recovery rates per well in real time. Abbon’s patented solution TWINFLOW TECHNOLGY provides the most compact and non-radioactive meter design, worldwide. Abbon’s customers are International- as well as National Oil Companies and operators, especially focusing on Middle East and South East Asia.

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Twinflow, oil&gas, research&development, flerfase, modellering

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