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N2 Applied
Product/project Engineer

We are looking for a skilled and diligent colleague for the N2 technology team to develop, design/engineer and fabricate machines for distributed production of fertilizer. A dedicated engineer with an inquiring mind and a drive for change.   

Your typical tasks and responsibilities:


  • Component selection
  • Detailed schematics/diagrams (flow, piping etc.)
  • Layout drawings/basic 3D modelling
  • Basic system analysis
  • Contribute to FMECA and HAZOP studies


Follow up fabrication/suppliers

  • Coordinate and follow up component fabrication
  • Assist in procurement activities
  • Coordinate and follow up assembly activities



  • Coordinate and follow up manufacturing testing
  • Coordinate and follow up system testing



  • HSE documentation
  • Create and update fabrication documentation
  • Systemize manufacturing documentation including traceability lists.
  • Contribute in operation and maintenance documentation
  • Document compliance with regulations (as CE marking)

Stay in close contact and in a tight feedback-loop with N2 Applied’s R&D, product development, control system and service team.


  • B.Sc. or higher in engineering
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in relevant technology fields.
  • Preferably experience with develop, fabrication and testing of process system
  • Preferably experience with documentation, both fabrication - and final - documentation.

The position will be in continuous development and mature in parallel with the company. From a “no task too big and no task too small” approach in the beginning to a professional corporate entity with a formalized organization chart.    

Personal qualities

  • HSE Focus
  • Is an organized executor.
  • Willing to learn and improve.
  • People-minded. 
  • Builds trust among customers, potential partners, suppliers and others.
  • Able to maintain control in hectic periods
  • Able to present complex concepts in a simple way 

Work place/travel

  • Asker, Norway.
  • Some travelling must be expected

Other expectations:

  • Fluent written and spoken Norwegian and English


We offer

  • A team of 22 dedicated employees with ambitious plans to make an impact at the intersection of climate focus, energy markets and sustainable food production 
  • A young company backed by strong shareholders, in the process of establishing a footprint in key European markets and in South Africa

The company’s head office is located in Asker, Norway. 

The N2 test center is located in Svene – in the vicinity of Kongsberg, Norway.   

The position will report to N2 Applied’s Technology manager Anders Billington.

Please send us your CV and application letter trough the "Søk her" button

Du må gjerne sende søknad og CV på norsk/svensk/dansk.

Applications are assessed continuously.

For more information about the role please contact either:

  • HR Consultant - Iris Skjolde Helmeriksen: +47 456 61 929
  • Technology manager – Anders Billington: +47 412 33 414
  • Product Engineer – Lars Krogstad Lien: +47 959 28 153

Om arbeidsgiveren

N2 Applied aims to fundamentally improve global food production by enabling livestock farmers to recycle nitrogen and produce their own fertilizer with lower greenhouse gas emissions, improved resource efficiency and reduced cost.

Millions of tons of ammonia are lost from livestock farms every year. Lost ammonia means lost fertilizer which is essential for growing crops and subsequently feeding the planet. Losing ammonia to the air or to the ground is not sustainable. The farmer needs to replenish lost nutrients through the purchase of expensive, fossil fuel based nitrogen fertilizer. Today’s fertilizer value chain is costly and harmful to the environment.

N2 Applied is developing a technology to produce nitrogen fertilizer on the farm, through fixing nitrogen from air and reaction with ammonia in manure. The reaction stops the ammonia losses, increases the nitrogen content and provides the farmer with essential nutrients for growing crops. The farmer will complement and may eventually substitute traditional fossil fuel based industrial fertilizer.

N2 Applied’s technology disrupts the fertilizer value chain, changing it from a linear to a circular model.

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Iris Skjolde Helmeriksen
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Anders Billington
Technology Manager
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