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We are looking for a commercially minded engineer colleague for the N2 technology team to build a global network of external production capacity and a profitable service organization to serve our fleet of plasma reactors for distributed production of fertilizer in the global market.


Your responsibilities:

As part of the N2 Applied team – shape and build the company. Create profitable business in the food production value chain.

  1. In parallel with the reactor development process identify suppliers and production partners for gradual scale up to commercial delivery of plasma reactor systems from 2020.
  2. Build and run an adequate and profitable service organization to maintain and support installed plasma reactor units in the market place.


Your qualifications and experience:

Various backgrounds may qualify for the position. We expect you to have:

  • Higher education
  • Proven track record and results from similar positions
  • Previous experience from international work

As a person you must be a self-starter, a team player and a pragmatic problem solver. You need to understand basic process technology and process systems, and preferably you have experience from development, fabrication and testing of process systems. You will need procurement experience and negotiating skills.


Other expectations:

  • Fluent written and spoken Norwegian and English
  • Ability to travel


What we offer:

  • A team of 15 dedicated employees with ambitious plans to make an impact at the intersection of climate focus, energy markets and sustainable food production 
  • A young company backed by strong shareholders, in the process of establishing a footprint in key European and African markets



Svene (in the vicinity of Kongsberg) or Oslo, Norway. 
The position will report to N2’s Technology Manager, Anders Billington and N2s CEO, Grete Sønsteby.


For more information, please contact our HR Consultant in N2 Applied; Iris Skjolde Helmeriksen, mobile +47 456 61 929 and/or our Technology Manager, Anders Billington, mobile +47 412 33 414 and/or CEO Grete Sønsteby, mobile +47 415 07 414.

Application date: 17.05.19 Applications will be processed continuously.

Om arbeidsgiveren

N2 Applied aims to fundamentally improve global food production by enabling livestock farmers to recycle nitrogen and produce their own fertilizer with lower greenhouse gas emissions, improved resource efficiency and reduced cost.

Millions of tons of ammonia are lost from livestock farms every year. Lost ammonia means lost fertilizer which is essential for growing crops and subsequently feeding the planet. Losing ammonia to the air or to the ground is not sustainable. The farmer needs to replenish lost nutrients through the purchase of expensive, fossil fuel based nitrogen fertilizer. Today’s fertilizer value chain is costly and harmful to the environment.

N2 Applied is developing a technology to produce nitrogen fertilizer on the farm, through fixing nitrogen from air and reaction with ammonia in manure. The reaction stops the ammonia losses, increases the nitrogen content and provides the farmer with essential nutrients for growing crops. The farmer will complement and may eventually substitute traditional fossil fuel based industrial fertilizer.

N2 Applied’s technology disrupts the fertilizer value chain, changing it from a linear to a circular model.

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