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We are growing and are looking for a creative  developer to join our adventure in building the next generation of video experiences. Revolutionizing how video is experienced allows us to take full ownership of the video viewing experience element; the video player in any app using video. This opens a world of fantastic opportunities, and also the need for clarity, best practices, intelligently designed platform API’s and everything a developer would need to successfully enter the future of interactive video with Movi. 

We are looking for an experienced, creative  developer who can help us create the best video products ever, and help deliver the overall developer experience. An imperative role in building delightful products for developers to thrive, and ultimately realise their dreams for their best end-user experience of their video products and services. 

Why you should join our adventure in Movi?

Movi is dedicated to create a world where people and video are magically fused together. We empower anyone with the freedom to explore and interact with wonderful stories and inspirational moments in a new, exciting and immersive way. We are always guided by making the most fantastic end-user experience, with a core belief in creative freedom for you and me to create our own realities, with our creative minds and our fingers.

Global demand for mobile video services will grow to a worldwide revenue of $25 Billion by 2021. Growth in mobile video revenue will be driven by advertisers seeking to reach an increasing audience of users that are consuming video on their smartphones and tablets. It is also estimated that users of mobile video will more than double to 2 Billion users by the end of 2022, equal to 36 percent penetration among the global mobile users.

Video is moving rapidly away from the static mass viewing experience it once was. Today’s fragmented audience requires a much more engaging, personal dialogue with individual viewers in the ways that they demand — at their convenience, on their chosen device, and under their control. That’s where you come in:

Why Movi?

  • We have a huge vision. Movi is a small company with big ideas. We’re Norwegian, and we strive to build on our culture of flat hierarchies, with clear structures and a pure mission focus - no fundamentalism. We have developed a product that will have a revolutionary impact on how we all view and interact with Video. Though we may just be starting out in our journey, we have huge goals and our customers look to us to help them achieve theirs.
  • We care about you. Movi works hard to create a positive environment for our employees, and we think your life outside of work is important too. We support our team with great benefits like generous parental leave, 5 weeks vacation, company options, medical coverage, pension, and a worldwide work environment with our headquarters in the best city in the world, Oslo.
  • We are supportive. Growing and maintaining our team matters to us. We are committed to being a company where our employees feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work and have the ability to be successful — every day.
  • We are empowering. Movi is only as good as our team believes it can be, and realizes it can actually become the best…together. We want you to build your own castles where you’re the expert of your realm. We strive to provide you the best tools you need to create your vision along with the resources and backing to accomplish anything.
  • We have fun. At Movi we solve difficult impactful problems that result in never before imagined products. At the same time we want you to up your game, table tennis that is. Unless you are into juggling of course, we have the goods to teach you. Hackathons where you get to show your stuff along with other like minded individuals. And retro game console tournaments for hard core speed runs or just for fun.We’re always looking for dedicated, sharp, and creative people to join the Movi team. Have a look at our current openings and if you don’t see something that you feel excited by, we would love to hear from you if you’re interested to learn more, and tell us how you would change the future of video together with us.

Job Description

We are looking for creative developer with core programming skills. If you are excited about building innovative experiences then join our team and make a difference! This will be a hands on role focused on design, development, and maintenance of our native platform API and wrappers for other app frameworks. Also you’ll be in charge of our in-house prototyping apps and our main SDK Player view, experience and functionality. Enabling developers to allow their end-users to touch, play and feel their favourite moments with the magic Movi experience, in apps all over the world.

The ideal candidate would thrive from proactively improving our collective and individual performance and motivation, is professional and exhibits grace and composure under pressure, understands highly flexible nature of building and developing a production ready product and has the ability to enable the current and growing team to realise our future roadmap.


Personal traits

  • Self driven, and can manage and participate effectively in projects and teams of various sizes and compositions.
  • Creative and Agile, and are able to find solutions where others see blockers.
  • Naturally motivated by creating products and technology for other developers and product owners to thrive.
  • Deeply interested, and up to date in your realm of expertise.

We expect a suitable candidate to be comfortable with native and framework app development in an early product stage. You will be working closely with the core team, product ownership, commercial and management. Your projects and responsibilities will evolve and be shaped by your input and experience.


Key Qualifications

  • You have strong programming skills, preferably with Swift, Kotlin, Javascript and C#.
  • Intimate knowledge of design patterns and human machine interface development.
  • Solid understanding of JSON, REST and other similar web services.
  • Must have a solid understanding of the software development process, including unit testing and release management.
  • Ability to support multiple projects at the same time.
  • Must be able to brainstorm and effectively communicate technology ideas and issues.
  • Must be highly collaborative and able to work cross functionally with different teams.


Bonus Qualifications

  • Experience programming in C and C++.
  • Experienced working with OpenGL, Metal, Vulkan, DirectX.
  • Familiar with Objective-C and JNI.

We appreciate smart passionate people which also acknowledge that our product, service and value offering will only be as good as the team involved in developing them. That’s why we need the best.

Tasks Include

  • Prototyping new ideas and concepts
  • Platform Movi Player API development
  • Player experience and functionality development
  • Native app development 
  • Wrappers for app-frameworks

If you fit the mold and can turn your knob up to 11 - please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to have you join our adventure to make mobile video feel great.

We look forward to hear from you o/



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