Senior bioinformatics scientist to help empower personalized cancer therapy

Senior bioinformatics scientist
Job description For this senior position we are seeking an innovative and talented bioinformatics scientist with experience in NGS pipelines and cancer genomics. The ideal candidate works well in a collaborative research environment and is able to provide evidence of relevant research expertise in the form of software, publications, and knowledge of applications. The role requires the ability to develop, evaluate and implement new bioinformatics pipelines in collaboration with other team members.
Roles and responsibilities
  • Lead bioinformatics initiatives to expand the capabilities of our NGS pipelines
  • Develop innovative approaches and novel methods to detect clinically actionable information in cancer immunotherapy
  • Responsible for our analytical NGS pipeline from raw sequencing data
  • Develop performance tests and quality control metrics to ensure high accuracy 
  • Work with multidisciplinary teams to help strengthen existing solutions, and bring new products to market

Skills and experience
  • A PhD degree in bioinformatics, genomics or other relevant discipline 
  • Extensive experience in developing and running NGS bioinformatics pipelines  
  • Extensive experience with programming languages, and experience in languages often used in statistical data analysis and machine learning (e.g., Python) 
  • Experience using GIT source code control
  • Experience in cancer genomics and knowledge of NGS assays applied in the field (WES and RNAseq profiling)
  • A Strong interest in machine learning, and a desire to apply machine learning algorithms to improve performance of NGS analyses.
  • Strong communication skills 
  • Strong problem solving and data analysis skills
  • Proven track record in developing robust and innovative bioinformatics solutions 

Om arbeidsgiveren

OncoImmunity is a machine-learning based company providing software to empower personalized cancer immunotherapy. We are adding to our growing team, 6 new developers with a passion to apply their computational skills to build an innovative software solution that will benefit cancer patients.
Our flagship product predicts, from next generation sequencing (NGS) data, targets specific to a patient’s tumor that can be used to design personalized cancer immunotherapies. We are a growing team from 8 different countries consisting of a diverse mix of data-scientists, bioinformaticians, immunologists, cancer researchers and software developers. The company is located in the dynamic Oslo Cancer Cluster , which is home to a synergistic ecosystem of organizations that include the Cancer Registry, the Institute for Medical Informatics and Pathology and a mix of exciting local and global biotech companies. We work in a collaborative, innovative and fun environment, committed to deliver powerful machine-learning solutions in the field of cancer immunotherapy. The OncoImmunity team is driven daily by its mission of being the worlds leading supplier of machine learning software to guide personalized cancer immunotherapy.

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bioinformatics, genomics, cancer, data-science, NGS

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